Willie D. Out Of Prison, Banned From The Internet

Posted: Thursday – June 18, 2009

Legendary Houston rapper Willie D quietly posted bail two weeks ago, evading the high level of attention his recent fraud case has received.

The 42-year-old born William James Dennis was released from a Houston area correctional facility on May 20 under a bond agreement that limits his travel and use of the internet.

Under the terms of his bond, Willie D has surrendered his passport and has been forbidden from travelling beyond Harris and surrounding counties.

In addition, the Geto Boys star is being monitored by an active GPS system.

Due to the nature of his crimes, Willie D has also been forbidden from using the internet.

On May 13, the gangsta rap pioneer was arrested at Houston’s Bush International Airport and accused of running an elaborate iPhone scam.

He allegedly used a front company named Texas One Wireless to solicit international customers on eBay.

Willie D reportedly processed several orders for iPhones and other electronics, requesting the funds for the goods be transferred to his bank account. None of the orders were ever filled, however.

Two weeks ago, his attorney filed a motion requesting that both the travel and internet restrictions be lifted, as both are needed in Dennis’s career as a rapper.

The court documents indicated that he had already missed a scheduled performance in Cleveland, Ohio due to his arrest.

On June 9, a grand jury indicted Willie on 15 counts of wire fraud.

If convicted, he will face up to 20 years in prison and up to $250,000. His arraignment has yet to be scheduled.

A Houston-based booking and promotions company has planned a tribute to Willie D set for tonight (June 18).

Smash The Mic has announced that it’s Pre-Juneteenth Concert and Party at Bar-Rio, showcasing new Hip-Hop talent, will also be a celebration of “the man who helped put Houston on the map.”

No word as to whether Willie D himself will be present at the event, although he is expected to make an appearance.


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