United States To Afghanistan

Posted: Thursday – May 28, 2009

As if working for Special Forces in Afghanistan wasn’t enough to deal with, Na’gee still remains one of the top requested artists on the local radio station. “…My music gets requested so much I’m tired of hearing it..”. He refers to his days as “clockwork”. Even with the 12 hour time difference with the United States Na’gee manages to start his day at 2am to, “handle my business back in the states,” such as checking email, Worldstar, and Myspace checks. After showering he resides in his small room to either record a song, edit or map out what he will do next to boost his career.

After the daily morning rotutine he goes to work from about 9am to 7pm “I can’t really get into what I do because I work for the Special Forces” is what he explains when asked about his job. After getting off work and checking his emails and Myspace, everyday around 8 to 8:30 he has a meeting about the next mission that needs to be complete. As his schedule stays about the same all day everyday, he wants to make clear, “First and always remember we always get rocket attacked and it’s crazy cause I’m so use to it I just keep keep it moving and don’t pay it any mind.”
During Na’gee’s busy schedule he still finds time to perform for all of this local fans. “The first show was a last minute thing but I got crazy love! The second show was so crazy they didn’t have enough room to hold eveybody.” Na’gee says about his concerts. Not only can you catch Na’gee on and YouTube (to watch his shows), he’s currently on the top mixtapes on the net such as, Biggy Jiggy and Street Heat. He’s also working on a movie based around his music in the States and in Afghanistan.

Na’gee was also selected as one of GUTTA WORLD’s Top 40 Certified Gutta – Best of the Best Independent Rap artists.

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  1. Im also a Rap artist I go by the name JBR!! Im also a combat vet from Afghanistan from 2008-2009 Just returned from serving my country my unit is the Fighting 69th out of NYC I aslo received the Purple heart, After a whole year over there I had alot of time to think about my career I always done music from touring back in the mid 90s with Artist Marky Mark and prince ital joe, I been home for about 9 months recorded some tracks and had the oppertunity to open up in Canada for Donnie Wahlberg I will be performing again in Canada again after doing two shows I received alot of love from the fans and they been requesting me on Twitter jbr1985 to come back and do more shows so I will be up there again in April. Just reading that your also a vet make it alot easy for me to know that theres a life out there and not just WAR im looking to build my career Im not looking for no record deals I rather just do shows here and there sell what ever down loads I can on my website if ya ever need someone to open up a show Im more then willing to do that. my style of music is with a old school style but thats just me and I dont wanna sound like anyother rapper out there I just do what I do and keep it real , Thanks for your service

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