RZA Preps New Philosophy Book, “The Tao of Wu”

Posted: Wednesday – July 22, 2009

Wu-Tang’s RZA is set to deliver his second book, this time focusing on the elements on spirituality and philosophy.

Entitled The Tao of Wu, the book details RZA‘s own personal journey to enlightenment.

By utilizing Hip-Hop lyrics, autobiographical anecdotes, and parables, the RZA explains how he was simultaneously inspired by Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Bruce Lee, and Islam.

The Abbott frames his philosophy under seven “Pillars of Wisdom,” which represent seven “key turning points in his life” that he hopes to impart on his readers.

The number 7 is symbolic in itself, representing consciousness in numerology, and considered a divine number in several faiths such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

According to the text’s publisher Riverhead Books, The Tao of Wu is a deeper reflection on the brief philosophical glimpses read in 2004’s The Wu-Tang Manual.

As the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, the RZA has been responsible for the group’s creative direction since their classic 1993 debut, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

Over the past decade, he has expanded his talents to acting (American Gangster) and film score composing (Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2).

His last studio album was 2008’s Digi Snacks. The Tao of Wu will be available on October 20, with a retail price of $25.95.


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