Migos – Rich Ni**a Timeline

Migos – Rich Ni**a Timeline

Migos – Rich Ni**a Timeline

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Migos’ trunk-rattling lead up to their debut full-length see’s the dynamic ATLiens refining their sound.

Migos’ latest album-length mixtape Rich N*gga Timeline is actually a line in the sand between Generation Xers getting older and Millennials finally having their style, culture and voice being seen and heard in the mainstream. In representing the best of (what has long been perceived as) the worst at the most intriguing of times in the music industry overall, it’s a mixtape that deserves a listen. Furthermore, if seen through the right prism, it’s actually outstanding.

If you’re not a fan of Migos, you’re actually part of the secret to their success, which is to say they’re following a formula that is almost 20 years old for Atlanta Pop/Rap domination. In 2000, it was Ludacris who kicked things off; his album Back For The First Time assaulting the mainstream’s airwaves with braggadocious, crunk, club-ready and champagne soaked sex raps. In 2003, T.I. hit the scene; his album Trap Muzik introducing the term “trap,” as well as southern-fried drug raps to the mainstream Hip Hop cultural lexicon. By 2009, the Atlanta rap mantle had been passed to Gucci Mane, as The State vs. Radric Davis re-set the bar for Ludacris’ lyrical themes, Tip Harris’ gunplay and cocaine dealing now figuring greater into the mix. Now, in 2014, it’s Migos, the trio of Quavo, Takeoff and Offset blending the skills and styles of three of rap’s most dominant modern era emcees into a strange, sing-song mix that while controversial, is also proving incredibly successful.

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