Jazera Grace – Tomboy Turn Model

Posted: Saturday – June 06, 2009

More tomboy than top model… more sports buff than fashion critic, Jazera Grace will make any man shake in his boots with her extensive knowledge of ESPN-related activities… or could it be her petite dancer’s physique paired with intriguing beauty that has fellas around the nation flustered?

Either way, Jazera Grace is a certified head-turner whose talents go far beyond the lens of a camera. Model, actress, dancer, student, wife and more, Yo! Raps latest Eye Candy plans to take on the industry by any means necessary. Follow along as Jazera Grace conveys her greatest desires, deepest fears, and how she amazingly finds a way to balance it all.

To quote you exactly from a previous interview when asked about your high school experience, you said, “I wasn’t exactly the pretty girl that the guys in high school wanted to date.” Looking at you now, it’s hard to believe you weren’t chased by every guy in your high school [laughs]! Give us a description of what your looks and personality were like in high school.


[Laughs] I promise I wasn’t! I’m sure a lot of my old high school friends can vouch for me on that. Let’s just say, my senior year… my only focus was Basketball. I wore basketball shorts, a wife beater, and the latest J’s to school. When I was feeling feminine, I’d throw on some jeans and a tank top… ya know to show my nice cut arms [laughs]. I could have cared less really as to how people perceived me or who was dating who and what not. I was friends with all the jocks so the fellas kind of saw me a as fellow jock.



You have expressed that your inspiration and motivation comes from your past and the struggles and adversities that you had to face in life. Share with us a personal struggle you have overcome and how it has shaped your life for the better.


Everyone goes through a struggle at some point in their life. Everyone experiences life. It happens. My biggest struggle was losing my mom to breast cancer. This was such a life turning experience for me. I had to toughen up and just really focus on what really matters in life.


Describing yourself as an “exotic goddess”, what niche do you feel you reign in the entertainment industry?


Wow! [Sighs] an exotic goddess. That’s a lot to live up to. As far as that goes, I’m confident enough to say that I’m beautiful inside and out. I may not have the body of your typical model boobs and all, but I’m that girl that one can relate to. I’m all natural; and my personality and intellect definitely out shines everything else. I have tons of aspirations; and I’m definitely gonna be famous and influential one day. If my looks won’t take me there then hitting the books will.


Your love for sports goes unrivaled by most men… to the point where your ultimate goal is the coveted position of Sports Anchor on ESPN. Not many women are as in to sports as you are. How did this love develop?


Yes. I love everything athletic! I think it was because I have played sports for as longs as I can remember. Sports is so competitive and when you are out there it’s just you and your biggest competitor… yourself. Not only was sports an outlet for me, but it also helps me push myself.



Visit a nightclub in the Bay Area and we may just find you “shakin your thang” as a Go-Go dancer. I have found that many people on the East Coast confuse go-go dancing with stripping. Is there a difference; and if so, tell us what that difference is.


[Laughs] Yes, there is a huge difference! That’s one thing that I can never ever do is stripping. It’s just not me. Go-Go dancing is definitely less provocative and also minus the pole. We do not slowly take off our clothes and eventually be fully nude. Our clothes stay on the whole time! Our attire is definitely not as skimpy. On average, a typical go-go outfit is maybe a swimsuit set or boy shorts and some rhinestone-studded bra with some chunky go-go boots not clear heels.


Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a job itself. How do you manage to juggle your marriage, modeling career, and education?


Yes. I just prioritize what’s important to me which is God, my husband and family, and everything else falls into place. My husband is very supportive of what I do, as long as I keep my head leveled. He doesn’t let me get caught up in all the bullshit other women my age get caught up in. He keeps me grounded and focused. As far as education, that definitely takes priority over my modeling. Education has to be my backbone above everything else. Modeling is tough and can be cut throat and having a serious back up plan definitely doesn’t hurt.


Building up tear sheets is something every model must do to establish publicity and notoriety. What magazines or other print work have you been featured in thus far?


Yes it is! Thus far, I have been in The Source, Krush Magazine and Titanium Girls Rookie Edition. If you are an editor, I would love to work with you! Email me! [Laughs]



A little birdie told me that you are a “MySpace Junkie” Do you feel social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook help or hurt models and entertainers? Explain why.


Well, I log on a couple of times a day via Blackberry. Yes, MySpace is like chocolate… very bad for you, but so indulging. I think many social networking sites can do both to ones career: help it and or simply ruin it. How you portray yourself is how most people will see you. And of course there are those people who just completely interpret things based on their self opinion of you.


As if tossed from God’s pitching mound, life can throw you curve balls. What is one thing that you hope and pray never happens to you or in your life?


Gosh, such a serious question. [Sighs] Over the years, I’ve learnt to just go with the flow and be thankful for both what I have and do not have. God will never put me through things I can handle.


Although living a dual life of nerd and party girl, you manage to keep the fun meter running while maintaining your GPA at the 4.0 level. If the Yo! Raps readers could tag along, tell us what we’d experience in a night of “partying like a rockstar” with Jazera Grace.


[Laughs] Spontaneous fun! My girls and I used to call up each other and be like “Hey, let’s get a work out!” and by that we automatically understood each other. We go to the club, break necks and hearts, and of course leave the other girls with envy while toning our body and getting a work out by dancing the night away! [Laughs]

A lot of emphasis is placed on height in the modeling industry. Being only 5’3″, how do you plan to hurdle this obstacle?


Oh, it’s quite a hurdle! I mean, I would love to do high fashion and some serious runway shows, but like Tyra, I have to keep a mind set that anything and everything is possible. So who knows, maybe one day that ‘guideline’ will be broken. But until then, I’m sticking to music videos, commercials, print and catalogues, and what ever other opportunity I come across.


First impressions are everything. What do you want to leave on the minds of Yo! Raps readers experiencing Jazera Grace for the first time?


This is definitely not the last time you will hear of me!


– By Aundrea Jackson


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