Posted: Thursday – November 19, 2009

Gucci Mane - Rap NewsGucci Mane spoke out for the first time from jail Tuesday (November 17) since returning to jail last week. In what looks to be a sorry letter Gucci said he is prepared to face the music. “I have accepted full responsibility for my actions, and I am ready to deal with what is in front of me right now,” Gucci’s statement read. ”Thankfully, my label is still moving forward with my album release, so I will have plenty to look forward to when I get out. I am remaining positive and want my fans to know that I am grateful for their loyalty and continued support. I will get through this.”

Last week Gucci was sentenced to 12 months in jail [Previously: Gucci Mane Sentenced to One Year in Jail] after he broke multiple probation violations. He failed to serve hundreds of hours of community service and attend classes for anger management and drug and alcohol abuse. Gucci also disregarded court orders to obtain proper permission to travel. Gucci’s Lawyer and the courts are confident that Gucci will serve no more than 6 months of the 12 month sentence. Gucci was looking at facing two and a half years for the probation violation but the judge was lenient.

Gucci Mane’s attorney, Dwight Thomas, said, “In court, Mr. Davis was extremely articulate and he was remorseful for his conduct. He was able to convince the courts that he was not deserving of the 2-year prison sentence he was facing.” Luckily Gucci Mane’s upcomming album “The State vs Radric Davis” will still drop on the planned release date of December 8. The album features guest spots by Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Keri Hilson and Usher.

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