Destiny’s Child Biopic, Daddy’s Takin’ Over

Destiny’s Child Biopic, Daddy’s Takin’ Over

Beyonce’s dad tried to cash in on his famous daughter’s name last year with a Destiny’s Child biopic … according to the latest batch of leaked Sony emails released by hackers.

Mathew Knowles reportedly reached out to Sony in December 2013 … offering the studio first dibs on a movie about the girl group — and execs seemed into the idea.

However it doesn’t look like they ever came to a deal. Lifetime is reportedly planning a D.C. movie next year, but unclear if Mathew’s behind that one.

Another leaked email referenced a possible Kanye West feature film. A Yeezy staffer sent an email sent to Sony Pictures honcho Amy Pascal … pitching her a movie project involving “cinematic and technological innovation.”

Great — Kanye ranting in 4D.

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