Country Boy Makin' Noise

The Years have gone by and we’re still hearing sort of the same old rap. I mean we’ve gone from our NWA’s to Tupac’s and Biggies. Now we have our 50 cents and Eminem’s. Our Jay-Z’s and Diddy’s. It’s obvious that the time has come for new and young artists to step into the rap game. I’m not talking about the J-kwon’s and Chingy’s. I’m talking about those young cats that are doing their thing on the Underground scene. I recently caught up with and had the opportunity to interview a young new comer, who is one of the many elbowing his way to the forefront. He goes by the name of “J-ROC”, which is self –explanatory he states. “Listen to my music and you’ll see the reason I’m known as ROC.”

GW: So…Where are you from? What small town is it that you’re representing?

JROC: “Well, I’m from a small, country town in South East Georgia, known as DuPont…
Most people call it the WOODYARD..”

GW: So what’s your family like?

JROC: “Country as Hell! I grew up in a house of 4. My mom, my stepdad, my sister, and my stepbrother TEZ. My folks provided as much as they could so I can’t complain. My biological dad wasn’t there but hey, his mf’ing loss!

GW: What exactly is it that got you into the whole rapping thing?

JROC: “Shit, I guess you could say that my stepbrother really is the one that got me interested in rapping. I mean he was always writing and rhyming, and I guess I just sat back and took it all in.”

GW: Who’s better, you or your stepbrother?

JROC: “He really can’t be compared to me! I’m on a whole different level. He’s tight tho’, but not as tight as me.”

GW: I understand that you’ve actually made about 3 underground CDs?

JROC: “Yeah, you might see me without a pen and paper maybe two days out of the week.” The cd’s were low budget cd’s but the hood(s) got the message and they know I “Raise Hell” with a microphone in my hand!

GW: So you’re constantly writing. What exactly is it that you write/rap about?

JROC: “Most rappers talk about their Escalades and Navigators on 24’s or betta, I don’t have all that, not yet anyway.” (He laughs and then goes on to talk about how people usually think of drugs, guns, and gangstaz when it comes to rap music.) “It ain’t all about that. It’s really all about real-life situations. I rap about things that I have experienced or at least have some knowledge of.” It would make no sense for me to rap about ridin’ in truck with 24s, and I don’t have that, feel me?” “I try to be as real as I can. Ain’t no fakin’ or frontin’ova hea.”

GW: What do you think about other rappers that are doing their thing at this moment?

JROC: “Good a$$ question. I ain’t tryna knock nobody for what they doin’ or whateva, coz Shit we just alike as far as trying to get our music heard and stuff. I won’t say any names, but I’m tired of rappers tryna be like other rappers. Now you have to be more specific than that. “What I’m sayin’ is that it ain’t right that folks out there being like the people that sort of put them out there and now they
making money off of it. I aint saying know names but we all know who doing this $#it. I ain’t the only one that feels this way. I’m fasho that there’s plenty otha folks out there that’s thinkin’ the same Shit. Just ain’t real enough to put it out there.”

GW: Well I was just about to ask is there is anything or anyone out right now that you aren’t really feeling that’s in the rap game. Care to share any names?

JROC: “Naw! I’m a soldier for paper, a certified paper chaser and I don’t call out names or talk down unless provoked! Feel me? All I have to say on this issue is that I don’t cater to those that bite off other artist(s). BRING YOUR OWN STYLE! BE REAL!

GW: How do you see hip-hop and yourself? Do you look at it as a career or you know, just a hobby?

JROC: “I definitely don’t look at it as being a hobby. I mean it could go as a hobby, but it’s more serious than that. Rhyming is something I do daily. It takes talent to rap. It’s a blessing that I’m able to do my thang. I definitely see hip-hop as being maybe a career or maybe some type of art.”

GW: Now let’s talk a lil’ music. Your CD, which is currently available at FYE stores, is called “Raising Hell.” What’s up with that? I mean what is it that a 20 year old needs to “raise hell” about?

JROC: “Go get tha’ album and you’ll see.” “On the serious tip, it’s all about me and my life. I’ve gone through so much to actually get to this point! I mean to a point where the world, not just Clinch County (which is where he lives), can hear my music and see what I got to bring to the table. And please believe I’m gone bring it!” “Raising Hell” is all about how hungry I am to get into this rap game. “I’ve been hungry for 20 years now. And until I get fed the way I wanna be fed, I’m gone continue to be hungry. This is like that one chance that you don’t normally get. I feel like I gotta take it and run with it,
ya know?”

GW: Now if fans wanted to listen to your music where would they go?

JROC: “You can check out Whateva’ ya need to know is all up there.” Or you can catch me on, I gets much love on that page!

Now if those aren’t the words of a hungry, young artist, then I don’t know what is. I recently listened to one of his songs from one of the previous albums, and there was a verse that stated, “19 years old, ready to up and go, make some Sh#@ explode.” So maybe it is time for this young cat to rise to fame, and put it down for South Georgia.
If you’re living in South Georgia you should be well aware of what J-ROC is about. If not, maybe you should reread this article, go check out the site, and then go cop the album!

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