50 Cent Quits Twitter Til Monday To Finish New ‘Heartless Monster’ LP

Posted: Wednesday – September 1, 2010

Rapper 50 Cent has promised to take a break from Twitter over the next week, as he finishes up a new album titled The Return of the Heartless Monster, which is due to be released on September 6th.

50 Cent broke the news about the album with a series of tweets earlier in the week, when he revealed the album title and release date.

Today (September 1st), the rapper stated that he would go on hiatus from sending out his daily raunchy, humorous tweets, until his album is completed.

“Ok ladies and gentalmen [sic] I’m writing my new album. I will not be on twitter again till sept 6 This album will be a classic.”

The rapper caught the spelling error in what he tweeted would be his final message to his 3,070,000 plus followers until next Monday.

“Motherfuckers I know how to spell gentleman I was typing fast fuck you. sept 6 until then bitches suck deep and niggas lick the holes right.”

According to 50 Cent, the new release is scheduled to hit the net around 12:00PM on September 6th.


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