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 Previous Winners Have Been Seen On:


TOP 40 2014 Winners Receive The Following:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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1. All entries submitted must by original songs and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.  Artist/Label shall, by entering, indemnify and hold Gutta World harmless from and against any claims inconsistent with the foregoing.

2.  Artist/Label retains all ownership rights to all submitted song(s).  Gutta World will not have any ownership rights to any song(s) submitted.

3. Artist/Label agrees to release, indemnify, and hold Gutta World, its sponsors, and judges harmless for liability, damages, or claims for injury or loss to any person or property relating to, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, partcipation in Gutta World.

4. By entering Gutta World’s Top 40 Unsigned Artist of 2014, artist/label and/or their parents or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of Gutta World and its judges which are final and binding in all matters.  By entering Gutta World’s Top 40 Unsigned Artists of 2014 contest, Artist/Label agrees to bound by all terms of these official Gutta World Rules and Regulations as established herein.

5. Gutta World Top 40 contest is open to all rap and hip-hop artists who are not signed to a major label record company and/or its affiliates or subsidiaries.  Gutta World is open to anyone regardless of nationality or origin.  Employees of Gutta World, its families, subsidiaries and affiliates are not eligible.  If entrant is under 18 years old, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.

6. Entry materials (CDs, tapes, and videos) if submitted will not be returned to the entrant.  Gutta World is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, incomplete, or misappropriated entries.

7. Entries are screened by our Gutta World listening committee who select a group of finalists.  These finalists are sent to the judges who select the winners.  The judging committee consists of high-profile music industry professionals including record label executives, producers, and artists.