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Visious, named Christopher Darnell Jones, was born June 10th, 1981 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born and raised on the north side where he still calls home. Visious has stretched his ability to survive by doing what he does best. His music has been his life goal since the age of 14. It was then when he heard the older cats rhyming’ in the locker room, that he decided he could do it as well. And to his surprise, he was labeled the best in all battles. Immediately Visious took it upon himself to be famous one day. As he always said to his friends, “Nigga can’t sell dope forever, right”. By the age of seventeen Visious had been on numerous stages as well as corners. From lyrics to substance, he would push till the end. In this day and age Visious is still at it. “25 now”, he says, “26 right around the corner, shit gotta move, and asap.”
As Visious grew with his talent, so did his hunger. He took it upon himself at the age of 19 to buy some sound equipment and start burnin his vocals. That went on for a couple years and then, he suddenly stopped. Taking a break cause money was low, Visious went back to hustling full time, and unplugged his equipment.
In 2005 Visious now 24, was at it again. Hooking up with another local group [which he won’t mention], Visious went on to smash out a hot solo album titled “V Mutha Fuckin’ C. Book 1”. However, he felt walked on by his label. Being the hardest working artist on the label, and not being treated that way, Visious took his music and left.
In 2006 Visious was offered a spot with Syndakit Studios. Growing up with the CEO Politico, and Politico’s older bro, One-R, Visious made a new home; with real friends. After 3 months on the new team, the first album Visious ever was on, that made store shelves was ready to be sold [“The Take Over”] was ready to go. Currently Visious is still with the Syndakit Squad and ready to do it again.
With a rugged style of hostility, Visious has spit fire on any beat, any track, for any cause. Versatile and potent he remains Visious.

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