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Hello world, We are Tyccoon Entertainment, we are an underground independent movement up outta the Mighty Midwest, particularly Missouri. We have been in operation since May 2005, and have released a slew of underground material locally, however, we are looking to further our cause and go to the next level of the game. Tyccoon Ent. is controlled by three bright young men, blood brothers PHAROH and JULIO and cousin J Skeeze. The three headed monster as we are sometimes referred to has quarterbacked this movement since its inception, combining three ideas, three perspectives, and three judgments on the direction of Tyccoon Ent.

One of the main reasons why this alliance has been so strong spurred from the fact that we are the second generation of a musical dynasty, all three of our father’s were in a band in the 60’s and 70’s and were known throughout the Kansas City area. This lead to us being involved in music at an early age, although we did not grow up together. We first really hooked up in 2001 and were involved in a few illegal activities which lead us to realize that road was going to end two ways, life in prison or death, knowing this, we decided to pursue our dreams legally and do something with our god given talent instead of letting it go to waste. A few years had went by and we were sold dreams by faulty wanna be CEO’S promising us the world at a price, our integrity. We opened up at talent shows, performed at local shows during this time to no avail, which lead us to realize that we had to put our careers in our hands and control our own destiny. So the next step that we took, was creating our own label Tyccoon Ent. in 2005 in order for us to take full advantage of any and all available opportunities.

Since the birth of Tyccoon Ent we have released at least two albums a year as well as keeping the streets fed with hot features on other artists projects and doing mix tapes. This is more than just music with us, its a way of life, a means to uplift the people in our communities and show them that with dedication, perseverance, and humbleness, you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Outside of music we have been building a notable fashion following through our two clothing lines (FEWELL FASHIONZ, & H.U.G.G.I-Hustlin Underground Gettin It) which has garnered some recognition through our relentless efforts to promote our brand every chance that we get, “enterprise while you socialize” Damon Dash, is a motto that we pride ourselves on when we go out to clubs or events. The future of Tyccoon is longevity as well as expansion, we want to be known as “independently major” meaning that we have the muscle of a major label while remaining true to our underground, independent roots. Upcoming projects on deck for Tyccoon Ent. are the “5:43 Gritter Mix” orchestrated by J Skeeze and the upcoming solo album from PHAROH titled ” The Paradigm”. We are definitely in need of a any exposure that can help us put our music on a national level.


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