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My name is Ian Jay, since 1993 I’ve been writing these verses; for 1 thing then, but for a piece of the pie now. In 1999, I began serving that “fresh produce” in the form of tracks using real basic equipment I’m not even gonna mention. It was at  that time I considered myself to be the complete package. With no lies attached, I can honestly say you’d be hard pressed finding another rapper/producer on par with me.

As of now I operate as 50% of T.R.A.C.K.Smith, ( Two Real Artists Constantly Killing Samples). While the other 50% is provided by production prodigy ….Delivery, engineering all tracks for sale, operating all boards, and basically keeping the ball moving forward.
Future projects include….Awaken Nation Collabos’, My LP(finally), and the long awaited VANE ALBUM. To sum it all up, we’re doing some real shit down here, and we all got multiple styles to rip on track, and on flow. HEAR ME OR NOT, WE’RE MAKIN’ MOVES FROM HERE ON OUT!

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