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TIKSTA was born & raised on the West Coast (Portland, OR, & Oakland, CA). While growing up he took an interest to music after his parent’s second divorce from each other while still in first grade. While in fourth grade he became interested in instruments in music class. He decided to give the Cello a try not knowing that he would be very good at it. His music teacher wanted him to pursue the play of the Cello but it just wasn’t the thing that he desired, so after a year of playing the instrument he decided to find out what it was that he wanted to play. It wasn’t until sixth grade that he signed up for band and choose the drums as his instrument of choice. His skills with this instrument caused his band director to encourage him to make the leap from beginning band to advance. This still wasn’t his calling. He was still in search of that one thing that scratched the itch he had. It was during the class elections that he witnessed a female school mate perform her speech in a rap. Now this is what caught his ears. This is that one thing he was in search of to scratch that musical itch. This is what he wanted to try and do.

His following year in seventh grade he decided to get into the school elections and try his speech in a rap also. Not knowing how to really write a rap he chose to go to another student who was known to write raps and ask if he would help him with his plan. With a few days left before it was time to perform the speech the other student who was to write the rap for him never did, so it was up to TIKSTA to take matters in his own hands and write it himself. He took the task as one he would not fail. For two nights he went home to figure out what he wanted to say to his peers but for it to make sense and rhyme at the same time. He made his own instrumental by sampling a portion of a song and keeps recording it over and over again to what they call now looping. Now the day had arrived for him to perform this rap and when he did the school cheered and loved it even if he didn’t win his school election it was the one thing that told him this is what he needed to do.

Side tracking him was the lure of the streets and his loyalty to the gang he belonged to. Being surrounded with death and drugs he lost focused on what it really was that soothed his soul. There were flashes of him getting back to the thing he loved most which was rap music. While in High school he started a group with two other students and called them CASH COLOR before changing the name to CASH MOB. This group never panned out so he decided to go solo. He and his friend (one of the other members of CASH MOB) started to rap together. They won a school rap contest that they performed in front of the school. Still not leaving the gang life alone due to his strong belief in loyalty the furthest he took his music was just writing lyrics.

After not graduating high school he turned to the streets where he felt free to roam the concrete jungles with the rest of his homies. When he caught and beat a concealed weapons case at 18 his step mother was forced to put him in Job Corp because of the outcome that many black males fall to in the inner cities at his age. She believed he was headed for death or prison at this rate. Job Corp is where he received his G.E.D. and continued with his love for rap. He performed in the Job Corp talent contests as well as just for fun in front of friends. A year later after leaving Job Corp he moved to Oakland California where he finally got closer to his dream of recording rap music. He came across a person who had his own studio and made beats, so he decided to get on board of what this person had going on. He signed to their label (MellowFunk Records) and released a five song EP (The Beginning) under the name LUNATIK in “96” with CD’s being sold on MP3.com and in California, Oregon, Washington, & Alaska. After 10 months in Oakland he moved back to Portland, OR where he was drawn back into the trouble he left and went to jail for attempted murder. With a second chance and the grace of God he beat his case and was given a second chance. All of this is what makes TIKSTA who he is. He states “Life is the best teacher and all you have to do is learn from it.”.

Now with his own label PAPER HOUND ENTERTAINMENT based out of Oakland California, he released his full length CD “NOKTURNYL” on the underground through internet and street sales. He has sold CD’s from as close as the hood to as far away as Japan. His mission is to give the listener high quality product with substance.