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PROFIT: born JaColbrian Terrell Benard on August 18th, 1988 in San Francisco native to the western addition of fillmore, an area which thrived on jazz, and blues in the early days he was raised in a household with a strong mother who always pushed her children to be the best in what they did. Dating back even when he was an infant profit remembers hearing music on the radio. At the young age of 4 he began playing the drums, having a rythm and playing in the church influenced him to start writing lyrics by his 6th birthday. By 8 he was in proffesional studios bieng payed by major artist to spit verses, and choruses for their songs, never acredited for his work profit gave up in becoming a music artist but in high school he meet a friend named Antario Holmes who saw his raw talent and diverse lyrics as a key to success and they begin working on his debut solo album “Guaranteed” making hit songs like “Where We Comming From”, “Bumpin Yo Gums”, and the latest hit bieng played on 106 kmel and wild 94.9 “Get-Go” Profit is a “breath of fresh air” to the rap game not seen as just a rapper with a few catchy words. He has made it an art to mold and shape his bars creativly for each song and take it back to the roots of music and hip-hop with metaphors and similies, and reaching his fans intellect by using harvard vocabulary and political values in his lyrics voicing his opinion about the country and world’s shape today changing the views of common people on rappers of this generation which has yielded high success in the industry making him a unstoppable force to be reckoned with putting his hands on all music has to offer from the ritual music in African cultures to “Rock N’ Roll” and comteporary to jazz and straight up “hyhpy 18 dummy slaps”

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