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Jamin (jaw-min) and J-Dubber have been involved in music since a young age, growing up around jazz musicians, vocalists, and producers. They have been performing individually for over twelve years.

At the end of 2005 Jamin and J-Dubber collaborated to form the rap group, Organized Grind, inspired by all the bullshit that is currently swamping the industry and radio. Their goal is to bring back the true power, and message of the spoken work through rap music. They rely heavily on sample-free live instrumentation, and messages that the everyday person can relate to. Organized Grind also has aspirations of showing these yougn kids, and so-called producers that production is a lot more involved than sampling a record, and rappin is lot more involved than talkin shit bout things that they ain’t even been through. “In another words, money isn’t the only reason we in this game…we trying to make a change in tha game…a positive impact, to continue tha rich tradition of music.” Jamin said in a recent interview.

The concept had so much success in San Diego (Dubber’s hometown), that they decided to make Organized Grind a full-blown record label, and bast it out of the Bay Area (home to Jamin). They signed a few more rappers, two R&B singers, and a jazz group.

Mixed Feelings is the debut album from Organized Grind, and features all of the artists currently sign to the label, although J-Dubber and Jamin are the main artists represented on the album. In 2007 Organized Grind released solo projects for most of it’s artists. So please keep your eye out, and enjoy the music…

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