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Born in 1982, a man stands before with the courage to and the vision daring to be different. Never been shot, never dealt drugs, never compromising his integrity, but still knowing what the struggle of life is like. Life was not picture perfect, but far from hell.

In 2002, Nagee began to take his love for music to another level. He began engineering and producing his own music just to get his feet into the game. Nagee has been on tour with various artist ranging from Lil’ Flip to Trillville. This all helped in his preparation to be the artist that he is today.

Presently Nagee is in Afghanistan. While war still persists he continues to keep his dream yet alive by still engineering and producing music. At this time has a studio set up and performs shows to boost the morale for the troops fighting at war. Nagee is currently working on his next album . Since he has been in Afghanistan he has completed two albums and is working on pushing them back in the states.

Nagee wants his listening audience to understand that he can identify with their life, their struggle, and their point of view. He is a lyricist who not only can identify, he is someone to show people that there is a way out. The fast way is not always the best way, but there is still hope. Nagee is living proof of that.