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“Bases loaded!  Next up 2 bat, Mr. Sawed-Off, A.K.A. Money Moan.  A heavy spitter in the rap industry from a city that’s been benched and has the dirtiest dugout in the gutta south-The Ham, Alabama.

As a young entrepreneur, J. Echols went from behind the desk to being independently known, not only to his state, but the entire south.  Meterie, Louisiana is where Sawed-Off learned the ins and outs of the music biz.  Working in the promotion department under Bobby Marchan at Manicure Productions would only be the beginning.  Networking with Uptown Angela, D.J. Roe, and Toney Crawford to name a few.  From New Orleans to Houston to Dallas, doing foot work from the promotion department, to heading back to stuffin’ brown envelopes for Beelow, Cash Money, P.N.C. and D.J Jubilee,  so on and so on.  Mr. Sawed-Off A.K.A. Money Moan brought hundreds to the table.  The best Alabama unsigned an independent labels under one roof.  “Highnote/Rock-N-Horse” 21st St. S. Birmingham, AL. {owner Mr. Sam}.  As he co-host along with Brian Moore A.K.A. BMOE a positive mentor.  The tradition still continues today at the Rock-N-Horse.  Meanwhile, Mr. Sawed-Off continued to hit it hard by releasing several original mix tapes and 3 compilations each year since 1999.    Four of the six dropped received high praise and created a good buzz.  “Not good enough”, Mr. Sawed-Off stated as he yelled “Off-Wit_-It”.  IN 2006, R.A.W. and still pure, my city and state know it is our time and they backin’  me!  “Now what?””  From writing and producing to performing the hits, now my true rap brother has pulled me in for the first time ever to present a true classic to the streets for 2006, B.A.M. the album.   It truly reps’ the souths’ true gutta.  And backin’ that is what they all waiting for:  Mr. Sawed-Off  “Off-Wit-It”, R.A.W. (2006).  Major League Recordz now prepares for bigger and better moves leading to the world premiere of Mr. Sawed-Off, “Off-Wit-It”, R.A.W.   “B.A.M”, Gangsta 4-Sho, “Choppin Time”, and Heavy Hitters.  Major League Recordz album 2006.  It’s a blessing when you R.A.W.”

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