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Lil No (Short for Notorious), born Kennis Green, in Houston, Texas is in the process of making a lasting musical imprint on the flourishing Houston Hip Hop scene. With his striking good looks, charismatic personality and physical physique of 6’5” Lil No is definitely marketable in this music industry, as that aspect in today’s music industry is a key to success. Growing up on the southeast side of Houston, TX, Lil No like most kids acquired a genuine first love for playing sports, with basketball being his favorite. Lil No’s skills on the hardwood attracted the attention of many college programs biding for his hardwood hoop services. After spending some time contemplating his basketball future, Lil No finally accepted a basketball scholarship to New Mexico State University. It wasn’t until a basketball injury ended his hoop career that No decided to leave his first love of basketball to become a lyrical genius on the stage. Eventually Lil No garnered the moniker of “The Freestyle Jesus” due to his unique lyrical blend of smoothness and toughness. Staying on his grind and showing a strong confidence for his music Lil No lives in the studio having recording enough musical tracks for multiple cd’s, including mix tapes and compilation albums featuring Lil No and other prominent Houston artists. It is with the success of his first mix tape, hosted by Luscious Ice, and the compilation album “Down South Chronic” that has shown Lil No is an artist with the ability to reach the masses.

Lil No has received quite a buzz with the high street demand for his fist single featuring Lil Keke, called “So Throwed.” In addition to the success he has received from Houston music listeners, this attainment has brought Lil No’s name into prominence with neighboring states such as Louisiana and Mississippi. The single “So Throwed” was extremely successful in Louisiana making radio station KKST’s top 4 countdown for three straight weeks of existence. Aiming to hit hard with his first album which includes the single “So Throwed”, Lil No carefully put together his project by cleverly assembling collaborations with some of Houston’s most prominent hip hop artists, such as Lil Keke, Big Hawk (R.I.P.), Z-RO, Trae and ESG. Lil’ No has recently finished working in the studio on his debut album, “Snatchin The Crown” being released under the independent label Huge Figures Records in late January 08. This album is feeding the fan’s hunger for something fresh and new in the music industry. In listening to his lyrical ability, you know Lil’ No is a student of the hip hop culture and speaks to the masses of young and old hip hop junkies. Lil No is definitely on the grind and looking to bring the rap game a brand new sound.


Christopher Joe @ 713-542-4464
Cliff Zeno @ 832-689-8557