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The music industry today is directly affected by a suffering economy. In today’s age, it has become easier for artist (good or bad) to make a hit, make up a dance or catch phrase, have a club hit or get radio play. The hip-hop industry is flooded with carbon copies to what is successful at the time. You might ask, “What is different about this guy?” Keize will be the first to explain or demonstrate what separates him from the others.

Keize was born and raised in the small town of Clovis, NM (by way of Oklahoma City, OK and Terrell, TX). Keize, pronounced “Keys,” derived his name from being locally known as a keyboard player; whether it was making instrumentals or playing in a Tejano band. The spelling comes from a combination of the words Keys and Seize.

Keize’ style simply cannot be summed up into one genre. Growing up in a town that borders the state of Texas, Keize could not help picking up on the southern sound that Texas is well known for. While growing up, he was heavily influenced by old school R&B, Tejano music, and southern based rap

So what exactly sets him apart from the rest? Well, besides being Hispanic in a predominately black market; he has the ability to write, sing, rap, mix AND produce his own music. “I feel like I can do just about any style I choose,” says Keize. “Rap, R&B, and I even have a Crunk Cumbia song! I try as hard as I can to make music that sounds NOTHING like what is out”. “If someone has a punchline that resembles mine, I scratch it out and change it”. “I feel like I’m selling myself short if I copy or mimic what someone has already done just to satisfy a certain crowd. I refuse to sound or be like ANYONE! When one of my songs is playing somewhere, I want my voice and style to be instantly recognized. “If I am marketed right, I feel like I can potentially have one of the biggest, most diverse fan bases ever.”

At the very young age of 21yrs old, with Audio Recording Engineer Certifications behind him, he is steadily perfecting his sound. With his first two mixtape projects “On Deck” and “On Deck II” (Hosted by Dallas heavy-weight Tum Tum) under his belt, he has received local and area recognition. This is just the beginning of his music career in an industry which he is sure to have longevity. He has already acquired guest appearances from industry stars such as Sean Kingston, Plies, Jagged Edge, Chamillionaire, B.O.B., and Underground Texas Heavyweights such as 50/50 Twin, Big Tuck, and Tum Tum.

Keize has opened up for the likes of industry stars such as Plies, Lil Scrappy, Baby Bash, Chamillionaire, Lil Flip, Swizz Beatz, and others.

“I don’t want to be the type of artist that has band wagon fans due to a certain trend that I’m fulfilling or tending to.” I want to have longevity! And in order to do that I have to continue to be versatile and make songs that reach out to people personally. Whether its writing from experience or witness accounts, I feel like a GREAT writer has the ability to put themselves in any position they put their minds to. I plan on going down with the greats! The only thing that can stop me is myself!”

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