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When you hear Hogg Corps what is the first thing you think about? Probably something militant, right? How bout Hoggish mentality? Or it could be something to do with business, right? Well all of the above!

Introducing one of the underrated innovators in the rap game period…Hogg Corps, with roots are that embedded in the Bay Area, (Vallejo) to the Valley (Stockton) but now calls home to the city of bright lights a.k.a. Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas is well known for its classy buy flashy atmosphere, high rollers, night life, and some of the best entertainment in the world – all that can be associated with the group Hogg Corps.

Hogg Corps consist of two members, Jon-O as know as J.R. Hinson, and DA ZO. The chemistry between the two are practically flawless as the two are related by blood and they have been rapping together since the mid-nineties, so each style complements each other. They have uncharacteristic style which combines hyphy, street, crunk, political, rock, hip-hop, bay area swag into one unorthodox style.

Hogg Corps like other minority youths has been involved with drug traffic, gang banging, and just pure crime but unlike other artist they never glamorize the struggle, and brag about life…that story has already been told over and over again. Hogg Corps music is current and original, and very relevant.

In the city of Las Vegas, Hogg Corps as earned a respectable reputation with all of the night life, and night, any club, no wait in line, with Las Vegas hottest DJ’s like 97.5 KVEG DJ Franzen, DJ Drama, Poetry Night Club DJ Drea Dae, Nick Cannon’s DJ D-Wrek, and Rap City’s Mad Linxx…Las Vegas’ hottest hip-hop stores, hip-hop site, record exchange. And most importantly every industry rapper must go thru Hogg Corps when in Sin City, music personally handed to 50 Cent, Pharrell Williams, Twista, Chamilliare, Tigger (Rap City) Swizz Beatz, Mya, Yung Joc, Mike Jones, Mims, DJ Paul, Suge Night, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Nas, DMX, Lil Jon, Gorrilla Zoe, Shop Boys, Baby from Cash Money, Bigg Gipp, Soldja Boy, all respected their hustle.

Also Hogg Corps has worked with super producers like Polow Da Don, Traxamillion, Automattik, ..with a strong buzz going regionally Hogg Corps is ready to take their act worldwide, with numerous projects in the works, Hogg Corps hard work ethics, and original great music…even the hardest critics can’t deny the Hogg Corps has a bright future.


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