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Hi Poynt Studios was founded in Junction City Kansas September 2005 for the purpose of giving independent artist a place to receive quality recording at an affordable price.  Lead by engineer DMOE, producer INFARED and artist Weazal, Hi Poynt quickly became a “melting pot” for regional independent artist.

After a few short months the word began to spread about Hi Poynt and its associated artist.  The hit song “WHAT DA BIZNESS IZ” featuring Dirty,Infared,Dmoe & Roc produced by Twan Da Beat Maker, leaked to clubs, the internet and underground fans across Kansas and because of the demand caused the upcoming release HI POYNT PRESENTS.”POYNT EM OUT” featuring artist from Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, New Orleans and Hawaii.

The Hi Poynt sound is influenced by a broad stream of styles and various music backgrounds.  You’ve heard the East Coast, West Coast & Dirty South , now the Midwest ‘KANSAS” is ready to be noticed.  With unique flow patterns, excellent beats  ear catching lyrics, and a blazing stage show, HI POYNT is sure to keep the listeners attention…WHY?  BECAUSE WE ARE FROM AN UNTAPPED MARKET AND WE ARE READY TO “POYNT EM OUT”

Contact/Booking Information:


Hi Poynt Studios @ 785-375-3530 or 785-238-8341