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Born in Los Angeles California, raised by a single mother Grindah (born Rob) was forced to move all around California. Tired of the struggle at such a young age and a mother working two jobs, it was time for Grindah to play his part, and start to make his own. At the age of 15, also being in the streets most of his child hood, drug dealing was the way to survive. With the dream of making it big rapping, and having the talent since he was 14, Grindah kept busy in the streets and not enough time in the studio.”I’m the realist you’ll ever meet”. Grew up without family and a father in and out the pen “The dark side of life is all I knew”. Being deep in the street life, on top of dealing with the deaths of family and friends, thugin as a single father at the age of 24 Grindah is taking this rap game serious.

With his first introduction to the world and first debut on Dj Digital Product “WE HELLA GRINDIN part 2 mix tape, Hit single “SMOKIN YA CITY” Grindah is creating a buzz on the streets and the mix tape scene with his thuggish, poverty strict flows, and it’s no doubt every word spoken comes from the heart. “It’s time for the house and lavish lifestyle, it’s time to set the foundation for my children’s, children”.”I’m in it for the passion”. Good music is what you will always hear coming from Grindah.” I feel like no matter all the wrong iv did in my life God has chosen me, it’s my destiny, to be the realist and most talented, to be a leader and succeed”. There’s a good future in the rap game, and Grindah is the future.