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Evolve, progress by occasional regression. I’m a builder and I work to raise awareness of consciousness with no bias’ other than disassociating with hypocrites and liars. I back my chicano blood with nylon string guitars, heavy grinding riffs, bass slaps, odd time signatures, aggressive, melodic and reflective vocals and transcendental chord progressions. My output lyrically, derives from all I have accomplished in this man made linear time line, from getting paid by playing music around the world to being convicted of violent crimes as a sureno here in Southern Cali. My higher consciousness keeps me in check and I attribute that to the meditation school I have attended.

My sadistic Scorpio, mal-intent spark is my old “satanic”, self indulgent practice in its complete evolution as I scale Jacob’s Ladder. My loved ones feel the sincere care of my being and my enemies have survived only through the grace of God. My faith lies in revolution, and the hope that humans can stop fearing what they don’t know and accept what is. If you want to know what led to this, check out my website at gaberosales.com. I don’t need too much and I have chosen to live a sober, clean and healthy lifestyle to be at my peak of mental and physical condition to be ready for the big changes that are coming in this world. I face this with my girl and all the souls who have backed my sober judgment and that have truly wanted what was best. I’m not afraid to be prosecuted by miscreants opposing what is just. I’m not afraid to get locked up for doing what’s right.

My full length album is available NOW!!!! ENOUGH OF THE SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION, IF YOU LIKE GOOD MUSIC, YOU’LL SUPPORT AND PURCHASE MY JAMS. ITS TIME FOR FOOLS TO LIFT THE VEIL. APOCALYPSE IS NOW Apocalypse (Greek: ?????????? Apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind.