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J. Wilson a.k.a Crime Dogg started as a hardcore rap artist/producer out of North side Minneapolis Minnesota in 1995. After realizing there had to be a way to shed light on the street life of Minneapolis and trying to find a better way to make a living. Turning the negatives into a more positive life was just the beginning. It was soon understood that in order to have full control of the music I would have to start a new movement. I learned how to compose and arrange music the way our people understood it to be, that is when I started 612 records. As an independent artist/producer out of Minneapolis, producing tracks of all ranges for local and national recording artists has been a continuing process. For 13 years I have recorded and produced well over 170 tracks including several Mixtape tracks. It started as a vision and soon progressed into reality. J. Wilson a.k.a. Crime dogg is one of the hottest, hardest working independent rap artists/producers out of the Mid West with a fan base that continues to expand beyond the borders of Minnesota. Crime Dogg is ready to show the industry that Minnesota continues to be one of the fastest rising music scenes and the world is ready for some of the best hip hop music heard in the industry. Our fans reach across the globe from Minnesota to Europe and our fan base continues to grow ever stronger and our numbers show it.Since 2005 we’ve signed a total of 10 artist that continue to show a great deal of talent with the potential to succeed in this ever growing music industry.


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