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While hard times may break the concentration of some artist, Louisville’s own CHALEY BURNNA hits the streets with his unpredictable, articulate style of music. When Chaley Burnna’s not working on his album or producing music, the father of two baby girls is spending time with his family or working as a driver for the Transit Authority of River City (TARC).
Raised in one of the most notorious projects (Cotter Homes), the artist uses the struggles of his past as motivation. [Burnna]” Music started as just an outlet at first, free styling in the neighborhood with friends, later that outlet into hunger. I call it my inhale; exhale because I can’t breathe with out it”.
At the age of only 13,the artist was hit with the devastating news that his closes uncle had passed away.[Burnna]” When my uncle passed I didn’t just lose a close relative it was like I had lost a father figure, It wasn’t until then I started asking myself why my father wasn’t around more. As a child I didn’t understand, but now as a man I do. Pops was doing what he had to do to keep me and my other siblings feed” As time past Chaley Burnna began to take the love his music more seriously, he started writing more and getting more involved with other relatives who had been involved with the sounds of music when he was a child. He came from the roots of one of Louisville’s first rap groups (The Quasar Crew) that was founded in 1985 which consisted of, O.z., thump, P.Wayne.C and Joe Heezy.A long with several others groups that set the ground for hip hop in Louisville back in the late 80’s. [Burnna]”For 7 years I’ve been patiently walking with the lords faith and he’s never let me down. Threw out the struggles of my journey I will continue my quest to be a legacy of greatness”.

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