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Raised on the meth infested streets of Salem, Oregon, Caucasian Kush grew up a middle child out of 7 brothers and sisters moeny was always tight so kush did odd jobs from 12 to 19 like strawberry picking to pizza delivery and of course hustling. what ever free time he had was spent produceing beats and writting lyrics. When he was 13 he got his first turntable and scratch mixer. He continued to 2 raise money in the streets as well as taking whatever odd jobs he could. By 19 kush had enough money to move out and get his own studio and start his ow lable (bank off dank records). He also started a brand new bud smoking trend called bleedies wich is an indian style ciggarette (bidi) with the tabacco poured out and dank ass herb twisted in the tendu leaf wich makes for hudge smooth hits and is less harsh on the lungs then a blunt because there is no tabacco involved.  Be on the lookout 4 Caucasian kush and gator castellano”The bleedie movement” in stores soon.


Gator Castellano was born and mostly raised in portland Oregon.  He moved to salem when he was 13 and has lived back in forth from p.0. to salem. He has been rapping since he could remeber and what he says in his raps he has seen or done and is still doing so he sees his music as the truth. Him and caucasian kush have been freinds since middle school and could often be seen spitting ryhmes on the playground together. they just recently hooked back up in the last year to record there debut album the bleedie movement. They plan on staying togeather and keeping it bank off dank for life.

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