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When searching the dials of fm radio, one realizes that rap is blazing the top charts. The mass of todays rap is southern sounds with cathchy energetic feel good hooks. This style of rap sets the stage for a unique trendsetting rap group called BLAQ DIAMONDZ. Two
teens out of Dallas Texas, Tonio and DJ Amboogie have created their own unique blend of southern rap. Hard hitting beats tailored to crafty lyricism. DJ Amboogie with 4 years in the game transcends through the streets and clubs with her catchy hooks and energetic 8 bar raps.

She has mastered the one’s and two’s so whether on stage or at a party she brings it. Tonio who got his start at the age of nine is already a pro. He raps with the ease and finesse as the veteran he is. Plainly put, Tonio is in his element on stage. What is welcoming about BLAQ DIAMONDZ, is their yearning to educate themselves on the roots of hiphop.They are no gimmick, BLAQ DIAMONDZ gives us what we want and what we’ve lost.


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