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Ro’Dameon Willis also known as Big Ro, started off his music career at an early age. He started out singing at a very young age, and therefore henced his passion for music! When he was six his brother was fatally shot and killed. Big Ro became furious with rage and anguish! At seven he was attending anger management classes. According to Big Ro those classes were one of the better things that happened to him in life. As a therapeutic way to relieve his anger, his therapist instructed him to just express his feelings on paper. That is when he discovered his ingenious knack for writing, and began writing hear felt poems by the age of eight.

Raised by a single mother nearly all of his life with four older sisters and one older brother left in this fixation we “World”. His struggle only seemed to get harder, and poetry no longer seemed to cut it. By the age of fourteen, Big Ro needed a different way of expressing his feelings. That is when he began to freestyle all day and all night. Simply about things that occurred in his lifetime. At that time he began composing complete songs with the best hooks his peers could even imagine at that age. Still, very much in tune with his musical roots, entering high school he excelled on the football field. Big Ro was offered several football scholarships, but knew musicwas his calling. So, at the age of seventeen he began recording with another neighborhood artist. At that time Big Ro was ready to graduate High School and focus on his music career. But tragedy struck in June of 2004 at a graduation party, his best friend was innocently shot and killed during a fight after the party. Pain built on top of more pain, Big Ro knew it was time to see a change. At the age of nineteen, there was still yet to be a movement. Big Ro knew that by himself, he could spread his wings and truly soar! So in 2005 Big Ro started his own Record Label and Entertainment Company. Bare witness to “ShineHardRecords/TruTalenEnt”. A smart, humble, street-savvy, group of individuals destined to make it! Brilliantly concocted by Big Ro “Tha Mastermind” himself. Get ready for the movement! Real Hip-Hop on the Rise!!

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