T.I., Tiny Arrested For Drug Possession in Hollywood

Posted: Thursday – September 2, 2010

Rap star T.I. could be in serious trouble, after the rapper and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested in West Hollywood for drug possession.

According to reports, T.I. and Tiny were arrested and charged with alleged possession of a controlled substance after police smelled marijuana emanating from their Maybach.

The pair, who married last July in Miami, were taken into custody by L.A. County Sheriff Deputies for the infraction.

While details are sketchy as of press time, the arrest could impact T.I. greatly.

The rapper is currently serving a three-year probation after he pleaded guilty in May of 2009, for attempting to purchase machine guns and silencers before the BET Awards in 2007.

T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr., was released from prison in March of 2010.

He currently stars in the movie Takers, which was the #1 box office draw last week.

T.I. and Tiny were both released around 4:00 am this morning.


Kelly Rowland Speaks On First Single From Upcoming Album

Posted: Monday – May 10, 2010

After the flop of R&B singer Kelly Rowland’s second album, she has changed up her look and sound for the lead single Commander which will appear on her upcoming third album. The video, which was directed by Masashi Muto, features Rowland in a custom-made wardrobe and five inch heels showing off her new moves taught to her by choreographer Fatima Robinson.

“The whole concept is very futuristic, very cool. It’s about me being the commander above anything, but it adds a different element of a club atmosphere — a very big atmosphere with very cool people. I’m battling myself with hair, with makeup, with the routines. I had to pull out my dancing shoes for this video.”

Although the album has yet to receive a title, Kelly Rowland confirmed that she has a track with rapper Nelly and hopes to work with T.I. and Diddy. The album is expected to be due out in mid-September.

Commander was produced by French house producer David Guetta who says fans will be enthralled by her new look and sound.

“Kelly’s look in this video is just utterly sexy. It’s like a jungle feel. I feel like we’re in Avatar somewhere, running through the woods, minus the blue paint.”


T.I. Pisses Parents Off After Middle School Apperance

Posted: Thursday – April 22, 2010

The principal of Woodland Middle School in Henry County, New Jersey, has come under fire over rapper T.I.‘s recent appearance.

T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr., appeared at the school on March 5th and spoke to students.

Parents of some students took issue with the fact that they were not notified of who would be speaking to their children.

T.I., who was recently released from a halfway house to house arrest with a curfew, served a year in prison for attempting to purchase multiple machine guns with silencers.

As part of his probation, the rapper was sentenced to 1,500 hours of community service, 1,000 of which were completed prior to his prison sentence.

He flew around the country visiting middle schools, recreational centers and various Boys & Girls Clubs, where he encouraged teens to stay away from drugs, violence and gangs.

Tom Myers, who has four children in the school, was one of several parents who complained about T.I.’s appearance in a letter to principal Dr. Terry Oaks.

“In the future, if T.I. or any other convicted felon needs to perform community service, ask for parental permission to allow our children to be exposed to these questionable individuals,” wrote Tom Myers, who has four daughters in the school.

According to Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News, Dr. Oates sent a series of questionable replies in defense of the rapper that upset parents.

“I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available,” Dr. Oates allegedly replied.

In another letter, Dr. Oates again defended T.I.’s appearance and noted that the rapper had never been convicted of “homicide.”

“Mr. Harris has never been convicted of homicide. We would not be able to adequately staff our states general assembly, our U.S. Congress or the executive branch of our government using your apparent standards,” Dr. Oates allegedly wrote in an email.

School officials are investigating the emails sent by Dr. Oates. They are also looking into their speaker’s policy, which does not require administrators contact parents when a guest comes to the school to speak.


T.I. Compares New Album To Tupac’s “All Eyes On Me”

Posted: Sunday – April 18, 2010

“This is the most significant return from incarceration that the game has had since then.”

With T.I. appearing to be in top form since his release from prison, the rapper is already making bold statements in relation to his upcoming album, King Uncaged.

Referencing his time behind bars, T.I.P. is comparing his next project to All Eyez On Me and how Tupac Shakur was after he was released from prison.

Making his face more public, the rapper spoke with Rolling Stone on his release and wanting to deliver work comparable to 2Pac.

“Just given the enormous success of that project, everyone’s expecting the same results. I just want to meet the expectations, if not surpass them.”

He also spoke on what type of sound to expect from King Uncaged.

“Some songs talk about my time in prison — how I was affected by that, the way I’ve grown from that, things I see now that I may have not seen then. Sometimes I talk about love, some songs I talk about life, some songs I talk about me being the shit on every level.”

With the King making his official mainstream return in August, the bar had been set high by T.I. and time away can only ensure that he can deliver on his words.

Tell us what you think about this…

Man Sentenced In Fatal Shooting of T.I.’s Assistant

Posted: Wednesday – February 10, 2010

The case of the fatal shooting of T.I.’s assistant and best friend Philant Johnson has officially come to a close.

Prosecutors have sentenced the last man responsible for the shooting, 41-year-old Padron Thomas.

As previously reported Thomas pled guilty to manslaughter after receiving a lesser sentence for testifying against his brother.

He appeared in federal court Friday where has was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

In 2006 T.I. and his entourage left a club in Cincinnati after getting into a fight inside. While trying to leave T.I. and his camp were chased down and their cars were sprayed with bullets at the hands of Thomas’ brother Hosea Thomas while Padron drove a getaway car . Three people were injured and Philant Johnson was killed.
Hosea Thomas received 66 years in jail and will not be eligible for parole until 2074 when he’s 100 years old.


T.I. Expected To Be Released From Prison Early, May Attend Halfway House

Posted: Wednesday – December 16, 2009

Just when you thought you’d have to wait till March of 2010 for the ‘King of the South’ to make his return, think again.

T.I.’s release date from prison is March 23 but rumors were swirling Tuesday that the king was already out of the bing and had quietly retreated to his Atlanta home.

The speculation was cleared up, however, after a prison official told The Atlanta Journal Constitution that while TIP is still locked up, he could be out very shortly.

Bureau of Prisons spokesman Edmond Ross told the AJC that it was customary for an inmate to transition from prison to freedom by spending time in a halfway house if there is no danger to the community and if there is space at a facility near where he lives.

He also told the publication,

“Usually that process begins when there are 18 months remaining on a sentence, but in this case it would have to start sooner. It’s not uncommon for inmates to be placed in community corrections for the last portion of their confinement to help with his transition.”

Ross also mentioned to the AJC that TIP could serve the final month of his sentence out of the halfway house and in his home in Atlanta.

Wow! Talk about good lawyers….or maybe it’s just good behavior…..or maybe it’s just good money.

Either way, get ready…The king’s baaack!



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