Pay Yo Bills Soulja Boy

Posted: Wednesday – October 14, 2009

Remember this LAMBO chain that Soulja Boy showed off and then said:

“1ST OF ALL I didn’t pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present… to read the rest of this click here

Well, that turned out to be a lie. Soulja Boy just did a video, that he quickly deleted, telling us how much his diamonds cost and he says that the diamond remote control LAMBO cost him $250K, now you spend that much on a remote control but you can’t pay $10,000 that’s owed to your landlord???… GTFOH!!!!! We see why you erased the video… PURE IGNORANCE!!!

Pop it for the Video and Details…

According to an LA landlord, Soulja Boy owes him close to 10 stacks in unpaid bills and has been accused of noise disturbance and overcrowding the property. The superintendent told Soulja Boy through written notification that he is in direct violation of his lease and owes $9,376.10 in unpaid rent and late fees.

Soulja Boy Tell Em better get his life together, or he’ll be hopping fresh up out of a jail cell.


Source: Bossip

Soulja Boy Arrested in Georgia

Posted: Friday – October 9, 2009

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has been arrested in Henry County following an incident at a video shoot.

The arrest happened on Wednesday (October 7) at 9PM, when officers responded to a call that there were upwards of 40 people mingling at an abandoned house in Stockbridge, GA.

“There were approximately 40 people gathered behind the dark house,” Sergeant Rene Swanson detailed in her police report. “Half of the people fled the area as the arriving officer called for back-up.”

Soulja Boy (DeAndre Way) was one of the alleged individuals to flee the scene. In a search of the left behind vehicles, police found a 9MM handgun in the glove compartment of a white Lexus.

Although authorities have not given specifics, police stated the weapon was tied to Soulja Boy.

Upon his return, the rapper gave a statement explaining that his entourage was gathered at the home for a video shoot. Because of the gun, he was still arrested on obstruction charges.

“A white Land Rover at the scene was identified as belonging to Way, who had fled the scene,” Swanson stated. “He returned a short time later, and [was] arrested for obstruction.”

A second man, Latice Wayne Grier, was arrested on second degree forgery charges when a search of his Dodge Charger yielded eight counterfeit $100 bills.

Soulja Boy was released yesterday (October 8) on a $550 bond, and will answer his misdemeanor charge in State Court. Due to the more serious forgery charge, Grier posted a $10,050 bond and will respond to his case in Superior Court.

At press time, Soulja boy could not be reached for comment.


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