Mystikal Officially Joins Cash Money Records


A one-time No Limit Soldier has officially enlisted with the Cash Money army. CM labelhead Birdman announced today (December 13) the latest acquisition of the YMCMB family: fellow New Orleans legend Mystikal.

“It is an honor to get the opportunity to work with Mystikal, as we have a long history together,” Birdman said in a statement. “It has been a truly long time since I have felt like a rapper and with this signing, and partnership, Birdman and Slim have given me my life as a rapper back,” Mystikal, who has been signed to the label since last month, added in release to the press. “I am ready to go. I am going to put my red Superman drawers, cape and boots on and go! This is a huge moment for me and I am truly excited to be with Cash Money Records.”

Birdman and Mystikal aren’t wasting any time with their new allegiance. The two are putting out “Original,” Mystikal’s first single, later on this evening via Funk Master Flex’s Hot 97 radio show. According to their reps, Birdman and Mystikal have been sequestered in Miami’s Hit factory recording a gaggle of records, including “Original.” Besides The #1 Stunnna, the track features Lil Wayne. Mystikal’s Cash Money debut is due this Spring.

Ironically, prior to signing his new deal, Mystikal had been hard at work on several records that were produced by former Cash Money staple, Mannie Fresh. Just this past September, the 41-year-old MC told MTV News he was working on “rebranding” himself and creating new hits with Fresh.

“We been working,” Mystikal said of his Fresh collaborations. “Last couple of weeks, we been coming with some monsters in that studio. I still gotta give [the fans] that vintage me, because that’s what I am, but I found a way to kinda bring it up to speed and still be contemporary.”

Mystikal’s signing comes on the heels of Birdman and his brother Slim signing Busta Rhymes last month.

Inmate Claims Killing in C-Murder Case

Posted: Thursday – July 16, 2009

A jailed friend of C-Murder (Corey Miller) has confessed to the slaying of teenager Steve Thomas just 3 weeks before Miller’s murder retrial.

C-Murder is facing second-degree murder charges for the killing, and faces a maximum of life in prison.

The crime occurred at a Harvey nightclub 7 years ago, and Thomas was 16 at the time of his death.

The former No Limit soldier was convicted of the homicide in 2003, but the ruling was overturned due to evidence that prosecutors withheld the criminal records of their witnesses.

Juan Flowers told authorities that he was with Miller the night of the killing, and was the one that fired the fatal shot.

However, Flowers also states that he and Miller are “not responsible” for the slaying.

Flowers is currently serving life for an unrelated 2007 murder in Georgia’s Fulton County.

Prosecutors have pointed out that the new information contradicts the testimony of Dwayne “Wango” Cobbins, another friend of C-Murder’s who was present the night of the killing.

Cobbins has stated under oath that he witnessed C-Murder bringing a small gun into the club, hidden in his boot.

When the altercation began, Miller and several others attacked Thomas.

Because of the pandemonium from the shooting, Cobbins admitted he didn’t see Miller shoot the teen.

However, he fled the scene with Flowers, who disclosed that “no one could see C (Corey Miller) shoot that tiny little gun.”

Cobbins is also incarcerated, serving 9 years in federal prison for obstruction of justice/threatening a witness in C-Murder’s case.

At press time, a judge is reviewing the new revelation and will decide if Juan Flowers will be transported from Georgia to testify.

Currently, Corey “C-Murder” Miller is serving a 10 year sentence on a separate attempted second-degree murder conviction.

In that case, club surveillance video shows the rapper attempting to shoot a club owner and bouncer after exchanging heated words over search regulations.


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