Eminem Wins Six Billboard Music Awards


As Billboard magazine honors music’s top selling acts Sunday night, an absent Eminem ties Justin Bieber for the top honors.

Unless you’re counting host Ken Jeong’s decision to dress as Flavor Flav and then crawl under Nas’ legs, Eminem offered the biggest Hip Hop presence at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. It should be noted that Em didn’t actually attend the mostly Pop affair, which was dominated by the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Britney Spears.

Eminem tied Bieber for the most awards at six wins. Out of 46 award categories, Shady took home nods for Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album [Recovery], Top Rap Album and Top Rap Song [“Love The Way You Lie” ].

While the selection process by the National Acacemy of Recording Arts and Sciences has recently come under fire for their more subjective methods used for selecting Grammy Award winners, Billboard stated, “all finalists and winners were determined by a combination of chart performances.” The eligibility period for nominations ran from February 28, 2010 through March 1, 2011. The amount of their respective awards reflected the strength of Eminem and Bieber’s current sales. To date, Em’s Recovery has sold over 3.8 million copies, while Bieber’s My World 2.0 has moved over 2.7 million units.

Notable performers Sunday night were Cee-Lo Green, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne, and Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, who both featured Britney Spears as a guest performer.


Ludacris Says New Album ‘Ludaversal’ Is On Another Level


Ludacris recently sat down with AllHipHop.com to discuss the progress of his upcoming eighth album, Ludaversal.

The rapper, born Chris Bridges, has been busy pursuing an acting career with roles in upcoming movies like “Breakaway” and “Fast Five” co-starring Vin Diesel, which is due in theaters this Friday (April 29th).

According to Ludacris, his busy schedule and his acting career have not interfered with his ability to make a hit album.

“When you hear the album you’ll know,” Ludacris told AllHipHop.com. “People can expect me to take it to a level they know I’m capable of. If anybody has doubts, I have no problem continuing to prove myself. And I have no problem slapping the ones who’re sleeping to make them wake up. It’s about consistency.”

Over the years, Ludacris has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, from singers like Enrique Iglesias, Fergie and Mary J. Blige to rappers like Lil Wayne, Nas and Jay-Z

During his 11-year career, Luda has sold almost 20 million records worldwide.

The rapper attributed his success to his ability to make cameo appearances on hit records, while maintaining his Hip-Hop roots as a lyricist.

Ludacris said he always had the “perfect balance between always staying true to the Hip Hop lyricists’ roots” and never limited himself to working with one particular type of artist.

“Who else is able to do those and still get on the ‘Welcome to My Hood (Remix)’ and kill shit – period? That’s what I think I’ve been able to consistently do,” Ludacris told AllHipHop.com.

Ludacris album Ludaversal is due in stores in early 2012.


Nas Talks Producers & Selecting Beats

Posted: Monday – May 3, 2010

One of the top rappers who’s been in the game for a very long time, Nas, recently sat down to talk about producers and selecting that right beat. “Well I have a wish list sometimes or I have a dream list of who I would love to work with and wish they would want to get in the studio and do records or whatever,” Nas recently said in an interview. “Then I have my own ideas of being a producer. And what happens is a lot of time goes by with me being indecisive, so it winds up with me kind of like doing what I have to do really fast, because I played around for so long. Then, deadlines come.”

Nas continued, “But, you never know who has it, everyone’s got a lot of talent.” “You have Little Brother, you have Drumma Boy. There’s a lot of dudes I like right now. You have DJ Toomp… When I work again, there’s about three different people I been talking to specifically about really doing it, so we’ll figure it out.”


Nas’ DUI Arrest Hits The Net (Video)

Posted: Saturday  – December 4, 2009

A video has surfaced today of the popular New York rapper Nas being arrested for a DUI back in September. TMZ released the video of Nas’ DUI arrest as well as a statement saying:

“TMZ has obtained police dash cam footage showing rapper Nas failing several DUI field sobriety tests back in September. He was cleared of the charges — but does he look sober to you? But you can see Nas wobble during a balance test and take the wrong number of steps during the “walk the line” test — yet still, authorities decided it wasn’t enough evidence to convict.”

Nas also admitted to smoking marijuana the night of his arrest, but was later on excused from the charges after his drug test came back negative:

“The case was dismissed after the artist’s drug test came back negative, even after Nas had admitted to officials and reporters that he had been smoking marijuana before being pulled over.”

With both DUI and the marijuana charges being dropped, it seems that Nas’ got a good shoulder turn from the Henry County cops in Georgia.

When Nas is not driving drunk, he has been currently working on his collaboration piece with Damian Marley. However, until the collaboration album Distant Relatives is released, please enjoy the tape of the arrest:

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