Another Day, Another Lawsuit in Wayne’s World

Posted: Wednesday – November 25, 2009

Lil Wayne’s new documentary/movie “The Carter” seems to depict the tatted rapper as a sizzrup sippin, weed hittin, shallow junkie. They are running into some trouble with its release now:

An 2008, superstar rapper Lil’ Wayne allowed a film crew full access to his hectic life. Cameras rolled as he smoked marijuana, drank soda mixed with prescription cough syrup, recorded rap lyrics almost constantly, toured the world and enjoyed the trappings of fame.
The finished product, a documentary titled “The Carter,” premiered to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival and the rapper reportedly enjoyed the movie. That’s why Quincy Jones III was left scratching his head when the rapper sued to block distribution of the documentary.

“The interesting thing is that Wayne saw the film and liked it,” said Jones, son of the legendary Quincy Jones and the movie’s producer. “Even in the declaration of the lawsuit, it says that he likes the movie — so we’re not sure if [the suit] is coming from him or that’s someone else.” The rapper, who was born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., is no stranger to contradictions.

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was a rough, gun toting young “G” who accidentally shot himself at the age of 12. He was also an honor student who dabbled in the drama club in middle school. Though in the film, the 27-year-old rapper imbibes his drugs of choice, he also claims to avoid alcohol and says he would never use heroin because of the effect it might have on his body.

The man who penned the song “Georgia Bush” as criticism of the government handling of his beloved city in the wake of Hurricane Katrina appears angered in the film by a writer who asks about his contribution to the New Orleans sound and the influence of jazz on his “poetry.” “No I don’t want to do poetry, I’m not into poetry, this interview is with a rapper,” Wayne tells the reporter in the film before demanding the writer be ejected from the room.

According to several published reports, Wayne’s lawsuit is based on his assertion that he had been given final-cut approval of the documentary. Variety reported that a California state judge rejected the rapper’s request, clearing the way for the film to be released recently on DVD at

His attempt to control the film’s release is in keeping with Wayne’s personality as he asserts in the documentary that his genius cannot be controlled. Fans seem to love such bravado which the film displays along with his characteristically profane lyrics and innumerable tattoos. The film also depicts his grinding work ethic which allows Wayne to produce so much music that his adoring public doesn’t have a chance to miss him.

As seen in “The Carter,” the artist records almost constantly and wherever he can — in the studio, in his hotel room, on the tour bus — often through a haze of marijuana smoke. And his admirers also get to see the infamous Lil’ Wayne ego as he does not shy away from singing his own praises. “I’m going to quit very rich, very successful and the game is going to be begging me to come back,” he says in response to a question about how he might leave the music industry. “Mr. Brett Favre.”


Posted: Wednesday – November 18, 2009

Nivea, Lil'Wayne - Rap NewsLil Wayne is a proud Dad again over the weekend as R&B singer Nivea gave birth to his new son. This is Nivea’s forth child, her previous three were with her ex-husband singer-producer The-Dream. This is Wayne’s third known child, he has a 9 year old daughter and a son who Lauren London recently gave birth to [Previously: Lauren London Gives Birth to Lil Waynes Son] We do not have a name or any other details on the baby (no not Birdman Baby but an actual Baby), and who knows if Wayne has any either.

As he was off in Atlanta throwing a party for his current rumored girl and Young Money artist Shanell aka SNL (who happens to be D. Woods from Danity Kane’s Sister) It might seem odd for some people to of just had a son a few months ago and getting another one. Well dont worry there is a third on the way. “Two girls pregnant at the same time?” Tim Westwood said. “Congratulations.” Wayne responded “Three,” before clarifying his remark for Westwood, who thought the rapper meant he’d gotten three women pregnant at the same time. “I mean [I'll have] three sons,” he explained. When Wayne was asked if Nivea was expecting, he responded “yessir”.


Posted: Wednesday – November 18, 2009

Lil'Wayne, Ne-Yo, T-Pain - Rap NewsThe Mothers of rappers Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo and T-Pain have teamed up together to create a new talk show titled “Dinner Table Discussions”. The format immediately makes you think of The View. Aliyah “Mama Pain” Najm (T-Pain‘s mother), Jacida Carter (Lil Wayne’s mother) and H. Loraine Smith (Ne-Yo’s mother) will serve as hosts of Dinner Table Discussions, which aims to present a quality and informative program.

Dinner Table Discussions will present a quality and informative program, yet entertaining that tackles hard-hitting topics, current events, interviews and feature segments. “Our vision is to be a premier talk show that delivers a creative and informative format that assists viewers in educating and solving challenging issues,” says Najm. “There are situations in our communities, cities, states and even nationwide that people have made us aware of and they want to resolve the issues, but they just don’t know where to get help or how to properly handle certain issues,” says Najm. The show plans to start in 2010 however no channel or distribution has been announced yet.

Lil Wayne Pleads Guility To Gun Charges, Faces Year In Prison

Posted: Thursday – October 22, 2009

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a weapon in the second degree this morning in a New York courtroom; the plea bargain carries a sentence of up to a year in prison. Wayne had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges, which were filed after the NYPD found a .40 caliber handgun on Wayne’s tour bus in July 2007. But after the court ruled that DNA evidence found on the gun would be admissible — evidence obtained by techniques Wayne’s lawyer Stacey Richman has called problematic — Wayne opted to take the plea bargain, AllHipHop reports. If Wayne was found guilty following the trial, which was set for January 2010, the charges carried a three-and-a-half year sentence.

Neither Lil Wayne nor his representatives have released any statements as of press time, and when the Grammy winner left court this morning he said only “What’s up?” to waiting reporters. According to TMZ, cops searched Wayne’s tour bus after they detected the aroma of marijuana following his show at the Beacon Theatre. When police approached the bus, Wayne allegedly tossed a Louis Vuitton bag with the gun inside. It’s expected that Wayne will serve a sentence of eight months to a year, as the New York judicial system is usually tough on firearm violators, regardless of fame. Case in point: Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years in September 2009 for possessing a gun at a nightclub.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, Wayne is also facing a trial for felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona as the result of another tour bus search in 2008. In that case, Wayne’s bus was reportedly holding 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy, drug paraphernalia and a handgun.

Lil Wayne is now the second major rapper in the span of a year to be found guilty of weapons charges. T.I. is currently serving time after being sentenced to a year and a day in prison in March 2009 after pleading guilty to weapons charges. Wayne will officially be sentenced in February; it’s unclear whether the guilty plea will effect the planned December 15th release of the rapper’s oft-delayed Rebirth.


Lauren London & Lil Wayne Have Baby, Reports Say

Posted: Monday – September 13, 2009

Lil Wayne has another child, as Lauren London has reportedly given birth to their child today.

Lennox Samuel Ari Carter was born today and weighed 7 lbs, 12 ounces at 21 inches long, according to unconfirmed reports.

Lil Wayne was present when London birthed the baby, according to published reports.

Both Wayne and London confirmed that they were having a child together after the constant media attention and scrutiny hit a fever pitch by the fans.

The rapper confirmed his paternity last month in and interview with DJ Fuzzy of Los Angeles’ Power 106.

London pleaded with the fans as rumors emerged that Lil Wayne may not be the father.

“Rumors are false. Why won’t they just let us be? Wayne is indeed the father and there’s no question,” she wrote on her Twitter page. “We are celebrating a life.”

This is Lil Wayne’s third child and London’s first. Former singer Nivea is presently pregnant with the rap artist’s fourth child.

There has been no comment from either star’s camp at press time.


Mannie Fresh Launches New Label, Signs Distribution Deal

Posted: Sunday – September 13, 2009

Acclaimed producer Mannie Fresh will seek to take his label Chubby Boy Records to greater heights via a newly-inked distribution deal with Deep Entertainment.

The deal represents Fresh’s plan to solidify his talents as a Hip-Hop producer while showcasing his diversity in other genres of music.

As a label, Deep Entertainment has slowly been making a name for itself in Hip-Hop culture due to its successful distribution of various mixtapes.

Mannie Fresh’s first rumored project will be Return of the Ballin’, which will serve as a follow-up to his 2004 debut The Mind of Mannie Fresh.

Fresh was instrumental in the explosion of Southern Hip-Hop through his tenure as Cash Money Record’s in-house producer from 1993-2005.

In that span, the New Orleans native’s beats were a staple of hit albums from Juvenile (400 Degreez ), Lil Wayne (Tha Block It Hot, Tha Carter ), B.G. (Chopper City in the Ghetto ), The Hot Boys (Guerrilla Warfare ), and the Big Tymers (Hood Rich ).

Realizing that labels have to be forward-thinking and daring in their marketing due to the ever-evolving music climate, Deep Entertainment Public Relations Director Nicole Murray plans to make Fresh a part of their proposed “independent music revolution.”

Deep Entertainment is a rising star among independent labels,” explained Murray to in a statement.

“Boasting the ability to pair creative, outside-the-box distribution channels as well as the traditional methods of retail and digital release with a full set of in house services including marketing, radio promotions and publicity, Deep Entertainment is revolutionizing the way independent music is released and received by the market place.”

Fresh’s Return of the Ballin’ is currently set for an October release. Afterward, the label expects to debut new acts from Fresh’s Chubby Boy label.

At press time, it is unknown if Fresh has retained his previous label deal with Def Jam South.


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