Wiz Khalifa Pulls Classics Out Of Pittsburgh Cap For NY Party


Wiz Khalifa is still a new artist — relatively speaking, of course. The star rapper has only two major albums to his credit, but on Tuesday night, Wiz took the stage with a veteran’s poise at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in New York and dug deep into his catalogue of underground hits and mixtape favorites. Last month, Wiz, A$AP Rocky, B.o.B, Trinidad Jame$ and Joey Bada$$ set out on the second Under the Influence of Music Tour and fan tweets, Vine clips and YouTube videos show they’ve been thrilling audiences every step of the way. New York was no different. The party started in the parking lot as fans filed into the outdoor theater, soaking in the last hours of daylight to the tunes of B.o.B, followed by A$AP Rocky.

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Top 5 Lyrics Of The week — BET Awards Cypher Edition


Easily the most exciting hip-hop moments of the week took place, for once, on television. The BET Awards featured five incredible cyphers, with some of our favorite — and least favorite — rappers appearing (we’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to guess who is who). Every gathering had plenty of highlights, and we couldn’t include them all. Below are five of the top moments from all of the rhyming.

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