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Hip Hop mogul Jermaine Dupri says his bank wined-and-dined him, then treated him like an uneducated idiot in a plot to snatch millions of dollars from him … GW has learned. We broke the story … Sun Trust Bank sued the So So Def founder first, claiming he defaulted on a $5 million loan. The bank wanted $2 million for the balance plus interest … AND his entire EMI music catalog. Now, Dupri is firing back with a counter lawsuit … and in the docs, he says he secured a $5 million loan in 2009 with his ST personal banker — a man he’d worked with for years, who was lenient on loan payments and hooked him up with swag: ATL Falcons tickets, dinners, and more.

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Posted: Wednesday – November 18, 2009

Jermaine Durpi - Rap NewsRapper / Producer / Janet Jackson Husband Jermaine “JD” Dupri’s lawyer has finally spoken out against the claims that JD owes more than $3.2 million in taxes to Uncle Sam. Stating that he has already handled all his IRS problems. The state of Georgia filed a $135,749 lien against him Nov. 17, 2008, in Fulton County Superior Court. The IRS filed a $3,095,004 lien against him Sept. 4, 2008, in the Westchester County (N.Y.) Clerk’s office. “I can assist you in telling you that all of the taxes have been paid and my law firm has been, and is, in the process of getting the liens removed in normal course,” Kane wrote in an e-mail. “As to any other information, you can certainly understand under the attorney-client privilege that I am not able make any further comment.”

This is not the first time JD has had problems with the IRS. Back in 2002, Dupri got raided by federal agents confiscating furniture, computers, make me tall shoes and cars to help pay back his then $2.5 million owed.

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