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Gutta World recently got to know Keize: keyboard player, writer, singer, rapper, mixer, and producer out of Phoenix. Find out how he slowly, but surely is breaking into the music industry and not letting anyone get in his way. I was raised into a family that was all into music: my dad, grandparents, everybody. My dad and his brothers had a band, Third Generation, because they were the third generation of musicians in their family. I’m like the fourth generation getting into music. I was raised around his band. He had bought a keyboard for my sister when I was little and I just took it from her and started watchin’ music videos and play along. Before I knew it, I was playin’ by ear.

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DMX Turned Himself In

Posted: Thursday – July 29, 2010

DMX has turned himself in for a driving infraction dating 2002. The rapper has been recently released from Arizona prison where he spent 4 months for violating probation.

In an interview recorded two days ago (July 27) before DMX went to jail, he appears to be very calm and in good spirit (watch video below). The rapper seems to be sure of his choice, declaring that “I decided myself to do that. Me and my crew we came to the conclusion that you know, that would be best. I wanna get that over with, because that’s one of the first steps in regaining everything that I lost.”

DMX says he has decided to turn himself in because he has been listening to God, who helped the rapper become a stronger and better person. “He’s [God] always had his hand on me. Now that I’m actually listening and being obedient, life is so much better. “

The rapper’s lawyer says he is glad DMX has been collaborating with him to the fullest and that the step of turning himself in will help the rapper build a new image of himself and regain his fans’ trust and respect.

The rapper is currently serving 90 days in Los Angeles jail.


White Guy Punched Over His Rap Music

Posted: Wednesday – July 28, 2010

Florida police say they are sorting out an apparent hate crime in which a white man was allegedly attacked for listening to rap music.

A 14-year-old juvenile has been charged with the misdemeanor and a hate-crime enhancement for allegedly punching a 22-year-old man in the face during a confrontation on a street in Palm Bay.

Florida Today said Wednesday the victim was listening to a rap tune at the time and was told by the suspect to knock it off.

Police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said the suspect allegedly told the victim “white people shouldn’t listen to rap music.”

“(The victim) then told them that he could listen to any kind of music he liked,” Martinez said.

After a brief fracas in which the youth’s friends allegedly egged on the combatants, police were summoned and the teen was hauled off to Juvenile Detention Center.

Police did not release the suspect’s name or his ethnicity.


B.o.B. Offers Fans A Free Show In Atlanta This Weekend

Posted: Wednesday – July 28, 2010

Atlanta rapper B.oB. Will return to his hometown of Atlanta this weekend to give fans a free performance on July 31st, during a concert sponsored by Myspace “Live” and HP.

The rapper has teamed with Windows 7 and HP’s Summer Music Campaign for the show, which promotes a better listening experience using HP computers’ integrated Beats Audio.

Free tickets for the event, which takes place at Center Stage in Atlanta, became available on July 26th on a first-come, first-serve basis.

B.o.B., 19, will perform tracks off his hit album B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which produced two chart-topping singles, “Nothin’ On You” featuring Bruno Mars and “Airplanes” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore.

For fans who cannot attend the actual show, B.o.B. has teamed with AllHipHop.com and Ustream, to provide a high quality feed of the free concert on July 31st.

“I’m excited for my free show for my hometown of Atlanta,” B.o.B. told AllHipHop.com. “Not only will people be tuning in from MySpace Music but it will be syndicated on AllHipHop via Ustream, the first time this has ever been done before on two massive music sites. MySpace is just huge and I’ve been down with AllHipHop since the Breeding Ground, this is great.

For more information or to attempt to get a free ticket visit: http://www.centerstage-atlanta.com/index.asp?showID=2130.

Entry for the early event begins at 7 p.m. and doors will be closed at capacity. To view the live stream on MySpace, visit http://www.myspace.com/mslive.


OFFICIAL INTERVIEW: Yappin’ With Yung Meeze

Published: Wednesday – July 28, 2010

We spent some time chatting with Yung Meeze of Sherman, Texas recently. In ’99, he formed the group Pirate Boys, which led to his solo debut album under Dangerous Chances Records, Thrill 1. Prior to incarceration, Meeze signed with independent label, Dirty Dallas Entertainment. He is out of prison after three years and eagerly searching for a record deal. We caught him on his way to spend time with his daughter.

GW: What are you doing today?
Yung Meeze: On weekends, it’s babysittin’. I have one daughter. We’ll probably go to the park or somethin’.

GW: How old is your little girl?
Yung Meeze: Four now.

GW: How young/old are you?
Yung Meeze: I’m 25. Sometimes I feel like I’m gettin’ old, like I’ve seen too much. I overcome that by thinkin’ about the future, what I want to see.

GW: What was life like as a kid in Sherman, Texas?
Yung Meeze:
My life was crazy like everybody else in the ‘hood growin’ up. It ain’t the same. It’s tryin’ to make it. I went through a lot of stuff but it came out good. I been doin’ music 10 or 11 years. Every year it’s gettin’ better.

GW: Do you keep yourself secluded from fans or do you put yourself out there and welcome the love?
Yung Meeze:
I be on Facebook all the time, I have a direct name on there. I still be around the ‘hood, talkin’ to them. I’m still the same. I’ll get on Facebook, MySpace. I’ll holla back. I do features. Send me a song.

GW: I heard you had the chance to work with reclusive genius Jon Luvelli?
Yung Meeze:
I like the dude. I been knowin’ him for a minute now, 5, 6 years. He did my first Thrill album. I really enjoy workin’ with him, he’s pretty cool. Hopefully in the future I can do more.

GW: We’ve talked before about Jay-Z and Drake inspiring your music. Are there any other artists who’ve done so?
Yung Meeze:
I like 2Pac a lot. I like Eminem.

GW: How long have you been in the game?
Yung Meeze:
I got a couple albums out from way back ’99. My main album promoted right was The Thrill 1. I been in prison. When I came back from prison, I started workin’ on Thrill 2.

GW: Thrill 2 is set to drop August 27. Where can we look for that?
Yung Meeze:
I’m tryin’ to get a distribution deal right now. I’m tryin’ to go farther than Texas. With the help of Luvelli, I’ma try to take it all the way to New York, man.

GW: You have a song on Thrill 2 called “Swag on Fire.” Describe your swag and what’s so fire about it.
Yung Meeze:
My swag is hot. I walk around with aqua, crazy colors on, joggin’ pants, a different color suit, all that. I can take it to another level.

GW: Is it solely the clothes?
Yung Meeze:
It’s way more than clothes. It’s like your presence, how you carry yourself; your walk, your talk.

GW: You have some Soundclick beats on your album. Do you get the majority of your beats off of that site?
Yung Meeze:
I usually get a couple tracks and if I like ‘em, I go buy ‘em.

GW: Your “I Don’t Want Her” song, it seems like you’re looking for a female to be a version of yourself and if she’s not, you “don’t want her.” Is this true?
Yung Meeze:
When I look at a female, I want for her to be somethin’ like me. The second verse on that, that’s my baby mama, my wife, Keyeo, who I’m with now. She talkin’ ‘bout how I like ‘em.

GW: On your, “I’d Rather Get,” you say you’d rather get head over some booty. How does Keyeo feel about you talking about other females?
Yung Meeze:
I’m not really speaking directly to a woman. I’m just sayin’, I’d rather get money than sweat a female. I really ain’t got time for it, is really what I’m tryin’ to say.

GW: Since we’re on the subject of getting head, do you give head back?
Yung Meeze:
[LAUGHING] I might do it sometimes, just depends. I ain’t got a problem with it.

GW: On a couple of your tracks, you sound like Weezy. Has anybody ever told you that?
Yung Meeze:
Man, I ain’t gon lie to you. When I was locked up I didn’t really listen to music. I never heard Weezy. When I came home, everybody was like, “You sound like him.” I try not to. If I listen to his stuff, I might. I try to switch it up a bit, try to do more hard rappin’, stuff like that. But I heard that before. I’m not really a fan on tryin’ to sound like somebody else. I’d rather just get my own style, have somebody soundin’ like me.

GW: You mentioned being locked up. Would you give some details on that?
Yung Meeze:
I was locked up on drug charges for three years. I had seven years, I’m still on parole.

GW: What drugs?
Yung Meeze:

GW: Were you guilty or did you take some sort of deal?
Yung Meeze:
I plead guilty for it ‘cause I was guilty. On the other hand, they gave me good behavior, I was stayin’ to myself.

GW: Did you write a lot in prison?
Yung Meeze:
I did but I didn’t. My mind wasn’t really clear. If I were to write, I’d be writing ‘bout what was goin’ on in prison. I wasn’t with that.

GW: What do you do outside of music?
Yung Meeze:
I work in a studio. I record in it sometimes, but I have my own engineer so I really don’t do it a lot.

GW: So you must be exposed to some other talent. Are there any upcoming artists we should know about?
Yung Meeze:
I look at a couple of ‘em. I don’t get to meet ‘em like that. I just see ‘em, they come in, do they thing. I don’t try to be that type. I never asked to work with none of ‘em, nothin’ like that.

GW: You had a show at the Days Inn in May. What was that like?
Yung Meeze:
They sponsored it. A couple of people wanted me to do it. It came out nice though, they promoted it right. It was a big ball room; a lot of people came out. It was my first show bein’ home.

GW: Do you have any other shows planned?
Yung Meeze:
I’m really waitin’ now just to see how I turn out. My manager and promoter tryin’ to come up with somethin’.

GW: What’s it like getting ready for a show?
Yung Meeze:
It’s an energetic feel. I need to be in my own zone ‘cause I like to come out and give the show my best. I like to be well rested for that day. I get all my clothes picked out. I get custom made clothes. It’s an underground company, Jiggs. It’s pretty hot. They make all my clothes for performances.

GW: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Yung Meeze:
I’d probably go to Africa. I just wanna see another scene, somethin’ crazy, like giraffes and monkeys.

GW: If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?
Yung Meeze:
I’d probably buy a house, buy a couple cars, and put it up. I’m really big on savin’. I get nervous when my money get low.

GW: After you drop your album, what’s the next step?
Yung Meeze:
I’m tryin’ to do some more videos, do a little directin’ too. Have some more kids someday.

GW: Shout outs?
Yung Meeze:
Keyeo, Greg Jones, the whole Pirate Boys clique, Fly Muzik clique, Sherman, Texas period. I think I’m probably the only artist that’s been in a magazine.

Check the full interview at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/guttaworld/2010/07/10/yappin-with-yung-meezey


By: Ness

Ice-T Criticizes Cop For Arrest During Heated Exchange

Posted: Tuesday – July 20, 2010

Gangster rap pioneer Ice-T took to Twitter to address his brief detainment in New York this morning for driving with a suspended license and not wearing a seatbelt.

The rapper, who was released shortly after his arrest this morning, blasted the officer who detained him and posted police officer’s badge number.

“Some punk bitch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 made the arrest of his bullshit career today, arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt,” Ice-T Tweeted.

According to Ice-T, there was a heated exchange between himself and the officer , who immediately recognized him.

“I know who you are and I don’t give a fuck,” Ice-T tweeted. “That was right after I called him a punk bitch. Then they questioned me about FLTG.”

Ice-T also chastised media outlets for reporting on his arrest and making it national news, for what considered a petty infraction.

“The fact that it made national news in 10 min. Raises the question… How petty is our news today? What about the War and the Gulf?”

Ice-T also denied reports that his license is suspended.


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