Motown Dispels Folding Rumors Started By Erykah Badu


Motown Records has been putting out hit-after-hit since the late 50s and even when the factories stopped running in Detroit, Barry Gordy still managed to break music records in nearly every category. However, in 1988, Gordy called it quits selling Motown to MCA, Polygram and then to Universal. Some say Motown’s last great artist was Marvin Gaye so the label isn’t a huge player on the music scene anymore.

Erykah Badu must share the same sentiments tweeting the historic record label had finally disbanded after pushing out music for nearly 6 decades. “Motown Folded,” Badu tweeted on Wednesday (June 8) and within hours Twitter filled with RIPS, obituaries and memorials until Billboard released a statement shutting down the rumors.

“Although [Motown] is undergoing restructuring in the wake of Sylvia Rhone’s departure last month, it is not folding. At the time of Rhone’s departure, UMG planned to begin interviewing candidates to replace her, although what title that person will get depends on the qualifications he or she brings to the job. With Barry Weiss serving as the chairman/CEO of Island Def Jam and Universal Motown Republic Group, it is not clear that the replacement will hold the title of president.”

Rhone stepped down from her post in late May validating Badu’s claims to her 300,000 followers even though it wasn’t true. Badu later recanted her statement saying, “There must have been a better verb I could have used, ‘folded’ seems a little …I don’t know, cowardly, huh? Honest mistake.”

Badu signed to Universal in 1997 when she released her multi-platinum debut Baduizm. Motown Records might be going through a slump, but it’s certainly alive and kicking.


Erykah Badu Defends Her Feigned Nude Ass In “Window Seat” Video (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Posted: Sunday – April 4, 2010

Erykah Badu says her music video, “Window Seat,” in which she stripped nude and feigned being shot at the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, has been “grossly misunderstood” and was not intended to insult the memory of the late president.

“My point was grossly misunderstood all over America. JFK is one of my heroes, one of the nation’s heroes,” Badu said on The Wanda Sykes Show Saturday night. “John F Kennedy was a revolutionary; he was not afraid to butt heads with America, and I was not afraid to show America my butt-naked truth.”

Erykah Badu to be fined $500 for publicly stripping in Dallas

Badu, a Dallas native, will be fined $500 for disorderly conduct after a witness came forward saying she was offended that she and her two children saw Badu, 39, disrobe at Dealey Plaza during the March 13 shoot.

Badu later performed “Window Seat” on Sykes’ Fox network show, while the hostess offered her own parody of the video.

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