DMX Turned Himself In

Posted: Thursday – July 29, 2010

DMX has turned himself in for a driving infraction dating 2002. The rapper has been recently released from Arizona prison where he spent 4 months for violating probation.

In an interview recorded two days ago (July 27) before DMX went to jail, he appears to be very calm and in good spirit (watch video below). The rapper seems to be sure of his choice, declaring that “I decided myself to do that. Me and my crew we came to the conclusion that you know, that would be best. I wanna get that over with, because that’s one of the first steps in regaining everything that I lost.”

DMX says he has decided to turn himself in because he has been listening to God, who helped the rapper become a stronger and better person. “He’s [God] always had his hand on me. Now that I’m actually listening and being obedient, life is so much better. “

The rapper’s lawyer says he is glad DMX has been collaborating with him to the fullest and that the step of turning himself in will help the rapper build a new image of himself and regain his fans’ trust and respect.

The rapper is currently serving 90 days in Los Angeles jail.


Rapper DMX Could Be A Free Man Today

Posted: Tuesday – June 6, 2010

Rapper DMX could be a free man later today, after serving six months in an Arizona jail for violating the terms of his previous probation.

In March, DMX was sentenced to six months in jail, after the rapper tested positive for having cocaine in his system, a violation of his previous probation.

According to a tweet from longtime producer Dame Grease, DMX is slated for an early release today, almost two months earlier than anticipated.

Multiple sources told that DMX would be hitting the road for spot dates shortly after he is released.

DMX may also join the cast of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab as well, as producers are still scrambling to find troubled stars to participate in the show.


Jailed DMX Sues Royalties Company

Posted: Wednesday – April 28, 2010

Jailed rapper DMX is suing the company he hired to collect his song royalties, claiming it paid him nothing while making profit from his records.

The hip-hop artist, 39, also claims that Rich Kid Entertainment Inc made deals to allow record labels to reproduce his work without telling him.

DMX is in jail in Arizona for violating probation by failing a drugs test.

In his claim, the rapper says that numerous stints in jail have led to a delay in bringing the case.

It says Rich Kid Entertainment Inc had stolen from him for nearly a decade but DMX did not realise until last year.

The confusion was exacerbated because he changed representatives on several occasions.

Rich Kid were not immediately available for comment.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, spent nearly three months in the same Arizona jail last year following charges for animal cruelty, theft and drug possession.

He was later sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to attempted aggravated assault while he was serving that sentence.

His previously plead guilty to attempted cocaine and marijuana possession in Miami in 2008, and was cautioned by UK police after being arrested at Heathrow Airport for abusing airline staff in 2006.

A month later, the rapper was held in custody by a New York court after previously failing to appear to face driving charges.

The musician, who has sold some 20 million records worldwide, said last year that he plans to work on a new album.

His first five albums topped the US chart in their initial week of release.


Jay-Z Worships Satan?

Posted: Saturday – December 5, 2009

It’s funny how perception does a full tailspin as a person becomes progressively famous. As an artist continues to get the embrace of the mainstream, especially those in Hip Hop , questions begin to arise as to how they were able to claim that success and there is even speculation that is business being dealt with evils.

Since “D’Evils,” Jay-Z has been heavily scrutinized by many that feel as though he looks at himself as God and as a member of a secret society that is trying to usher in a new world order.

Churches have been the venue for preachers to find “hidden message” within his music such as “Luficer” where he allegedly proclaims, ‘Murder, murder, Jesus, Jesus.

The most recent attack is from a young youth pastor that made the claim that “Empire State of Mind” was telling people that they cannot depend on Jesus to save them.

Even the visual for “Run This Town” was interpreted by some as his imagery for the world once a new order is finally established, if it’s not already in the process.

50 Cent recently spoke with Rolling Stone and made the statement that Jay-Z only looks for his own best interests and has a mentality as though he’s above everyone else.

“He has a king complex, he thinks he’s fucking Jesus, you know what I mean? This J-Hova shit.”

Usually known for his subliminal shots instead of attacking a problem head on, the rapper has finally taken the direct approach to the latest to make the statement that he goes against God.

Back in 2006, hoping to finally dead the allegation, the rapper conducted an interview with radio host Egypt on New York’s Power 105.1 to address the allegations that have been made against him.

At the time, a man known as Craig Lewis of EX Ministries developed a DVD titled, The Truth Behind Hip Hop, labeling Jay as a culprit in working with the devil.

“He should be arrested, seriously. My position is not unlike anyone else who ascends to the top of their field. That comes with the game. But that’s crazy. That might be the craziest one I’ve had.”

Although not a man to find his way into the church to praise, he adds that he still maintains a relationship with God no matter what his particular opinion is on religion.

“Nah, I’m more spiritual that [having] organized religion. I have a personal relationship with God…I believe in karma, I believe in cause and effect…but religion, I have my opinions about religion.”

From throwing up the diamond signs, “symbolizing” pyramids to secret handshakes between himself and Nas to rumors of him being a Freemason, the rapper has been the poster child to what some would perceive as being a hidden evil consuming the Hip Hop world.

People feeling that he has the ability to fire Charlamagne Tha God and keep Chris Brown from performing are all indications of the fact that some look at Hov as having the power to have complete control over what goes on in music.

Jay-Z doesn’t stand alone as being under fire of devil worship as rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs and DMX have allegedly negotiated with the force of darkness in order to make it in the music world.

Religion, an aspect of life meant to instill some sense of hope and a desire for a better life has been heavily misconstrued as time had progressed. How can a person find belief in something when others are so quick to shun the idea of individual beliefs and opinions?

Condemning an artist’s success to embracing evil is what causes such a separation throughout the country and the world.

Lack of understanding and an unwillingness to comprehend difference is a weak trait to have an feed to others

Latest video of allegations here:



DMX Sued For Backing Out Of MMA Fight

Posted: Sunday – November 22, 2009

DMX - Rap NewsDMX’s brilliant idea to participate in a mixed martial arts fight is set to cost him millions. As previously reported, X agreed to participate in a battle with MMA fighter Eric Martinez.

He pulled out of the agreement however after learning that the fight would not be fixed and he’d more than likely get the beating of his life. Now as Coolio steps in to replace him, he’s seeing court papers sent his way for reneging on his promise.

Thunder Promotions filed court papers Friday November 20 against the rapper in Birmingham County Court. According to the court documents, the promotion company claims DMX’s cancellation has caused them hundreds and thousands of dollars and damages and they’re suing him for $1 million dollars.

X also owes the government $1.5 million in back taxes.

Damn X, damn.


DMX Colorado Show Cancelled & Causes Serious Melee

Posted: Sunday – October 18, 2009

PhotobucketThe Dog DMX went on the warpath Friday night in Colorado Springs, Colorado after he was prevented from going on stage and delivering a performance to his fans. According to reports, DMX was scheduled to perform for American Charities but upon his arrival around 11 p.m., security and police authorities blocked his plans.

Security told X he was scheduled to be there at 9:30 p.m. and that concert attendees had already been told he wasn’t coming. Not too sure about the shows in Colorado but a Hip-Hop headliner making the stage at 11p.m. is considered very early.

X then tried to enter the stage but was accosted by authorities who jumped him to the ground as his fans and entourage joined the melee and the fight ensued. DMX still made it to the stage minus a sound system to let them know he was indeed in the building.

Despite X’s problems from the past, this time he appears to be in the right. While the cancellation of the show still hasn’t been officially announced, reports are circulating that the charity organization gave DMX half his money up front but didn’t have the second half at the time of the show. Rather than renegotiate, they decided to cancel the performance.

Check out some of the madness below.

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