Lloyd Says He Told Chris Brown To Cry During BET Awards Performance [Video]

Posted: Wednesday – June 30, 2010

Chris Brown’s “comeback” performance at Sunday’s BET Awards shocked fans and naysayers as the R&B singer broke down into tears while paying tribute to Michael Jackson.

While some were impressed and welcomed the singer back into their good graces, others remained more critical and questioned his true intentions.

Adding more fuel to that fire is Lloyd, who’s gone on record to say that he encouraged Chris Brown to cry onstage, an order Brown obviously took to heart.

In an interview with Rap-Up, Lloyd says he told the controversial singer that he had “to really show his heart out to the world” and cry.

“He’s back with a vengeance….I think that they’re gonna find a place in their heart for him again….I told him man, you gotta get up there. You gotta CRY, you gotta really show your heart to the world.”

Check out the video of Lloyd making the statement to Rap-Up at the 3:19 mark.


Chris Brown Cusses Out Radio Personality, Walks Out Of Interview

Posted: Friday – April 30, 2010

“Why am I even doing this interview? I ain’t doing this shit!”

A scheduled interview between Chris Brown and a Virginia radio station quickly turned sour after the R&B singer complained of his songs not getting airtime, cursed out the radio personality and left.

The singer turned diva let out his rant yesterday at Richmond’s Q94 WRVQ during a prerecorded interview with radio host Kash.

When an obviously perturbed Brown asked him why he wasn’t playing any of his records, Kash responded saying,

“Mr Chris Brown… you just don’t have any hits and that’s just the truth. You don’t have any hits right now.”

Obviously upset by his response CB lashed out at him before walking out saying,

“All I’m saying is that you don’t play m y shit. What number is it (my song) at? It don’t matter. Why am I even doing this interview?! I ain’t doing this shit!”

Kash reports that he’s since received several phone calls from executives at Jive apologizing for their artist “acting like a diva.”

The personality is also denying claims that he altered the audio to shed Brown in a negative light. He took to his Twitter page to say,

“For the record, my interview with Chris Brown was posted with the entire amount of audio I got minus dead air, I tightened it up for radio play. Apparently blogs are thinking I edited it to make homeboy look like a douche, but no editing can create that level of douche-bagery.”


Rumor Control: Rihanna Shuts Down Having Herpes

Posted: Monday – January 11, 2010

Remember those rumors from last February that stated that Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic dispute stemmed from a cold sore that was found on her lip.

Rihanna is still pissed about that and has decided to clear that up. More details under the hood.

Rihanna says she’s pissed that people would even think to say such a thing and recently told a magazine that it’s not true. She says that the alleged cold sore isn’t even a sore it’s actually a scar. She says :

It’s a f**king scar on my lip that’s been there every day of my life.

Hmmmmmm….babygirl, we’ll have to see some old pics to prove this one.


Jay-Z Worships Satan?

Posted: Saturday – December 5, 2009

It’s funny how perception does a full tailspin as a person becomes progressively famous. As an artist continues to get the embrace of the mainstream, especially those in Hip Hop , questions begin to arise as to how they were able to claim that success and there is even speculation that is business being dealt with evils.

Since “D’Evils,” Jay-Z has been heavily scrutinized by many that feel as though he looks at himself as God and as a member of a secret society that is trying to usher in a new world order.

Churches have been the venue for preachers to find “hidden message” within his music such as “Luficer” where he allegedly proclaims, ‘Murder, murder, Jesus, Jesus.

The most recent attack is from a young youth pastor that made the claim that “Empire State of Mind” was telling people that they cannot depend on Jesus to save them.

Even the visual for “Run This Town” was interpreted by some as his imagery for the world once a new order is finally established, if it’s not already in the process.

50 Cent recently spoke with Rolling Stone and made the statement that Jay-Z only looks for his own best interests and has a mentality as though he’s above everyone else.

“He has a king complex, he thinks he’s fucking Jesus, you know what I mean? This J-Hova shit.”

Usually known for his subliminal shots instead of attacking a problem head on, the rapper has finally taken the direct approach to the latest to make the statement that he goes against God.

Back in 2006, hoping to finally dead the allegation, the rapper conducted an interview with radio host Egypt on New York’s Power 105.1 to address the allegations that have been made against him.

At the time, a man known as Craig Lewis of EX Ministries developed a DVD titled, The Truth Behind Hip Hop, labeling Jay as a culprit in working with the devil.

“He should be arrested, seriously. My position is not unlike anyone else who ascends to the top of their field. That comes with the game. But that’s crazy. That might be the craziest one I’ve had.”

Although not a man to find his way into the church to praise, he adds that he still maintains a relationship with God no matter what his particular opinion is on religion.

“Nah, I’m more spiritual that [having] organized religion. I have a personal relationship with God…I believe in karma, I believe in cause and effect…but religion, I have my opinions about religion.”

From throwing up the diamond signs, “symbolizing” pyramids to secret handshakes between himself and Nas to rumors of him being a Freemason, the rapper has been the poster child to what some would perceive as being a hidden evil consuming the Hip Hop world.

People feeling that he has the ability to fire Charlamagne Tha God and keep Chris Brown from performing are all indications of the fact that some look at Hov as having the power to have complete control over what goes on in music.

Jay-Z doesn’t stand alone as being under fire of devil worship as rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs and DMX have allegedly negotiated with the force of darkness in order to make it in the music world.

Religion, an aspect of life meant to instill some sense of hope and a desire for a better life has been heavily misconstrued as time had progressed. How can a person find belief in something when others are so quick to shun the idea of individual beliefs and opinions?

Condemning an artist’s success to embracing evil is what causes such a separation throughout the country and the world.

Lack of understanding and an unwillingness to comprehend difference is a weak trait to have an feed to others

Latest video of allegations here:



Chris Brown Responds To Rihanna

Posted: Friday – December 4, 2009

Chris Brown is now on his tenth million interview not explaining what happened between him and Rih Rih. Robin asked Chris how he felt when Rihanna made a particular statement. Even though he stirs away from the question, you can tell that he finally realizes exactly what he did.

The full interview airs Friday night on 20/20.

Timbaland Boots Chris Brown from New Album

Posted: Wednesday – November 25, 2009

While some have forgiven Chris Brown for his actions towards Rihanna and decided to embrace him again, others haven’t been so easy to let the past go.

Producer Timbaland, who was originally slated to have Brown featured on his upcoming release Shock Value II, has now removed the singer completely from his album.

Initially the singer was set to provide his vocals to a song called “The One I Love”.

Rapper D.O.E., who is also featured on the song, stated that the song had to undergo many title changes as they didn’t seem to be appropriate with the events that had taken place with Brown and Rihanna. The first title for the track was “Maniac”, but obvious circumstances wouldn’t allow that to fly.

It has been reported that another reason for being exiled from the album is due to the fact that the singer himself was coming up with inappropriate titles. Suggesting things such as “I Like It When You Cry.” “Love Is A Knockout Punch,” and “Now I’m Really Gonna Kill You” must not have been the type of shock that Tim was looking for, according to a source in his production team.

“We would have kept Chris on the album if he didn’t insist on suggesting inappropriate song titles every three minutes. And I have no idea why he brought brass knuckles to the studio. That stuff is totally unacceptable.”

As he continues to prep for his December 4 release date, Tim has already starting providing visuals to his second helping. A music video was recently released for the single “Morning After Dark” featuring SoShy and is already getting to release the music video to “Say Something” with Drake.

The third single is scheduled to be “Carry Out” featuring Justin Timberlake. It should hit U.S. radio on December 1.

Whether the statements are strictly hot air or hold some truth, the young singer has a long road to climb before he can get back in everyone’s good graces once again.

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