Fan Tries To Attack 50 Cent On Stage [VIDEO]

Posted: Monday – July 12, 2010

During a recent performance in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 50 Cent was nearly physically attacked by a fan.

Video footage shows that after performing his song, “Ayo Technology,” a man tried to rush 50 from behind, only to be stopped by security before he could cause any harm to the rapper.

The unidentified fan was briefly beaten before he was taken off stage. 50 Cent continued his set uninterrupted.
Watch footage of the incident below:

50 Cent Starts Online Petition Against Diddy

Posted: Friday – July 9, 2010

50 Cent has started an online campaign against Diddy. Using the Twitter-linked petition site, Twitition, the G-Unit leader started a petition that calls for the fellow music mogul to stop using late rapper B.I.G.’s name as a “Black Card.”

“Enough is enough, Biggie’s name should never have become Diddy’s Black Card,” reads the petition. “Just check out his latest video The Ghost of Christopher Wallace…Let Diddy know to let B.I.G. rest in peace. When was the last time Diddy really was ‘biggin up his brother,’ not biggin up his bank?”

The tweet was originally tweeted from Fif’s Boo Boo TV twitter account, but the So Disrespectful MC later re-tweeted it on his personal page. So far the petition has managed to get 589 signatures.

The move is in response to a diss that Diddy may have sent 50’s way following the BET Awards. “I love my people, lets stop the hate man,” said Puff. “Congratulate. Hate is for suckers and if you hating, you’re a sucker and you’re ashy and your breath stinks. And you know who I’m talking to you hatin’ ass crab.”

The beef between the two is speculated to have been caused by Diddy’s alliance with Rick Ross, a long-time 50 Cent foe.


Game Defends Shyne Dissing 50 Cent

Posted: Friday – April 23, 2010

Has anyone ever had that girlfriend/boyfriend that just wouldn’t get over the past and continue to bring up, even years down the line?

With Shyne’s recent attack on 50 Cent and Game attempting to deliver a knockout on “400 Bars”, it is evident that these two rappers still have some sort of fixation with the G-Unit general.

There’s such an enormous amount of hate, one would think that 50 got their baby’s mothers pregnant or something. After awhile, the relentless dissing just sounds like a mosquito that keeps buzzing around a person’s ear…annoying.

During an interview with VIBE, the leader of the G-Unot campaign spoke on Shyne’s attack on his former labelmate.

“That’s him man [with the beef], and I’m glad he can take that 50 Cent beef with him. I’m slowly but surely phasing it out, and I might poke a little fun here and there but for the most part I’m over it.”

So, is there like a 12 step program or a detox to get 50 Cent out of a person’s system?

He also commented on Shyne’s “bumpy” return to rap.

“I’m sure he’s rough around the edges. It’s kinda like if Kobe [Bryant] just decides to sit it down, and you come back out your first three, it’s probably gonna be an airball, you know? You just gotta give him a little room, a little space, let him breathe and I’m sure you’ll get the old Shyne back.”

Making the comparison to Kobe might have been a little over the top and it might be better to just call it Michael Jordan when he returned and moved to the Wizards.

Man, what if they were to team up and go at 50? I don’t know about you, but a diss the length of a sitcom would surely only make them both come off a little questionable if all these bars are for one man.

Rappers, spending so much time holding a grudge for years can’t be beneficial health wise. What’s done is done, so move on.


Shyne Goes After G-Unit Sayin’ “There Will Be Blood”

Posted: Thursday – April 22, 2010

Recently released rapper Shyne is continuing his attack on 50 Cent and G-Unit with his latest track, There Will Be Blood. The song comes less than a week after the Belizean-bred rapper released a freestyle over Alicia Keys’ single Unthinkable on which he dedicated a one line diss to Fif, and finds him insinuating that 50 works with the feds and referring to G-Unit members as “chipmunks.”

“The champ is here and not a minute too quickly, like Mike, I’m back to the city to drop 50. Upon my return, I empty the cartridge, got fat while I was gone, now I’ma send you where God is,” raps Shyne. “Ah-hem, let me clear my throat — when you talk to the Feds, spell my name with a ‘y’/I hate rats and chumps, you guys ain’t gorillas, you’re fucking chipmunks/FYI, I’m the king of the jungle.”

The beef, which started more than six years ago, is reportedly a result of a failed business deal between the two. While Shyne was incarcerated, Fif was trying to recruit him into G-Unit, but Shyne instead chose to establish his own label under the Def Jam Island Records label. Shortly afterwards, 50 started sending shots Shyne’s way during interviews and most notably during a freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show. Shyne responded via the track For The Record, which was featured on his Godfather Buried Alive album, and Fif subsequently released Piggy Bank.

The war between the two had died down until recently, when Shyne began releasing freestyles. 50 has yet to respond.


Singer Claims 50 Cent Is Gay!

Posted: Tuesday – April 13, 2010

“I think he’s just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he’s gay.”Rufus Wainwright

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson might just want to think twice before he starts anymore beefs with rappers as his own sexuality is being placed into question.

According to singer Rufus Wainwright, who has already professed his love for the rapper, he makes the claims that 50 might have more than just a sweet tooth for candy.

People always did wonder about those G-Unit tank tops too…

Speaking with Details Magazine, Wainwright elaborated more on his fantasy where the lead role is none other than Jackson.

“That cute little voice of his. It’s okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert,” Wainwright said.

Well 50, might want to stand clear and be aware of exactly what that international love is from here on out. Female groupies are one thing to handle, but dudes can only mean even more trouble brewing.

Go shorty…It’s your birthday.


Bieber Tops U.S. & Canada charts

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010

Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. pop album chart Wednesday, becoming the youngest solo male artist to achieve this feat since Stevie Wonder in 1963.

Bieber, 16, sold 283,000 copies of his second album “My World 2.0″ during the week ended March 28, according to tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan. Wonder, 13 at the time, spent one week at No. 1 with “Little Stevie Wonder/The 12 Year Old Genius.” As the title suggests, he recorded it when he was 12.

Bieber’s first set, “My World,” jumped five places to a new high of No. 5 with 50,000 copies. The album debuted at No. 6 last November, and has sold 1.1 million copies to date.

Rapper 50 Cent was the last artist to place two albums in the top five that weren’t concurrently released. In April 2003, he debuted at No. 2 with the CD/DVD combo “The New Breed” and was at No. 5 with “Get Rich Or Die Tryin.’”

Bieber’s new album also debuted at No. 1 in Canada.

Monica debuted at No. 2 on the current U.S. chart after “Still Standing” sold 184,000 copies. It’s the R&B singer’s second-highest sales week and charting album, surpassed only by the 186,000-unit start for her chart-topping 2003 effort “After the Storm.”

The continuing saga of the “Now That’s What I Call Music!” series extended its Billboard 200 chart dominance as the 33rd volume arrived at No. 3 with 135,000. The 21-track collection features Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles like Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and Owl City’s “Fireflies.” With the “Now” franchise’s latest spin-off, the Christian-leaning “Now That’s What I Call Faith” debuting at No. 143, the “Now” brand has racked up an impressive 56 charting albums since it launched in 1998.

The final new arrival in the top 10 belonged to She & Him with its second album, fittingly titled “Volume Two.” It started at No. 6 with 47,000. That trumps the peak and best sales week of the duo’s first set, “Volume One,” which topped out at No. 71. (Its best sales frame — 10,000 — came a week earlier when it debuted on the list at No. 81.)

Last week’s No. 1, Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” slipped to No. 4 with 78,000, while Ludacris’ “Battle of the Sexes” fell four to No. 7 with 45,000, two weeks after it debuted at No. 1. Lady Gaga’s “The Fame” fell three to No. 8 with 41,000, Marvin Sapp’s “Here I Am” slid seven to No. 9 with 39,000, and the Black Eyed Peas’ “The E.N.D.” was off two to No. 10 with 34,000.

Overall album sales totaled 6.03 million units, up 6.5% compared to the previous week, and down 11% compared to the comparable sales week of 2009. Year-to-date album sales stand at 75.1 million, down 8% compared to the same total at this point last year (81.9 million).


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