Former Hip-Hop Mogul Rosemond Charged With Arranging Murder


Even when the man they called “Jimmy Henchman” was on trial earlier this month for running a cocaine ring, his ties to the feud that led to the murders of two hip-hop legends preceded him. On Friday, Manhattan officials charged James Rosemond with arranging the murder of an associate of the rapper 50 Cent. On June 5, Rosemond was convicted in a Brooklyn federal court of peddling millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Rosemond, 47, was indicted for conspiring with five other men to kill the associate, Lowell Fletcher, in 2009. “This has not been a good month for Jimmy the Henchman,” Raymond W. Kelly, the New York police commissioner, said in a statement.

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Bucy On The Grind


I’m from Macomb IL, it’s not big at all 22,000 people the home of Western IL University so it’s hard to be heard and stuff around here and really my music connects, I try n make it connect with a huge wide fun base because I think it is the best thing to do and just because I’m a fan first and artist second. I just love the music and that’s why I do it. I don’t care about the money or anything; I kind of just want to heard. Just kind of prove to people you can do what you love if you just pursue it because coming here I’m from I mean no one around here has ever made it in the music industry really, so but I think I’m doin’ pretty good so far.

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Battle Over Tupac Movie Heading To Trial

Posted: Friday – September 4, 2009

The battle between Afeni Shakur’s Amaru Entertainment and film company Morgan Creek Productions rages on over the making of a bio-pic about rapper Tupac Shakur.

The two companies are locked in litigation over a movie on the life of Tupac Shakur. In a lawsuit filed last February, Morgan Creek accused Amaru of breaching a contract to produce a movie about Shakur, who was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip in September of 1996.

Amaru filed a cross-complaint against Morgan Creek, claiming the production company interfered with other potential deals for the movie.

Lawyers claim that Morgan Creek attempted to block other interested film companies from being involved in the film, by claiming to have exclusive rights to produce the untitled flick.

“We are pleased with the court’s ruling yesterday morning. It supports our claim that Morgan Creek tortiously interfered with the making of the Tupac Shakur movie,” said Skip Miller of Miller Barondess, LLP in Los Angeles, attorney for Amaru Entertainment. “I look forward to trying this case and have the jury decide the matter. Morgan Creek has a history of bullying people into giving them rights they did not acquire. This time, they picked on the wrong people.”

A trial date has now been set for Tuesday, April 13, 2010.


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