Feds Offer Jimmy Henchman A Plea In Return For Missing $100K


A key witness against former rap manager/mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond is close to striking a plea deal with prosecutors, according to reports.

According to TheSmokingGun.com, Khalil Abdullah, one of Rosemond’s associates and top members in the collective known as the Rosemond organization, is close to making the deal, if he returns a missing $100,000 to the government.

Abdullah allegedly entrusted the $100,000 to an unnamed associate, whom he cannot locate.

In order to receive the plea deal with prosecutors, Abdullah must forfeit the $100,000, which Abdullah allegedly stole from the Rosemond organization, which helped trigger the current federal investigation.

According to an indictment, Abdullah’s thieving helped lead to a bigger investigation into the Rosemond organization’s trafficking conspiracy.

DEA agents claim that the organization used Federal Express and other overnight couriers to send millions of dollars worth of narcotics and proceeds from New York to the West Coast, and back.

Abdullah, who knew that he was in the process of being indicted for his role in the cocaine distribution conspiracy, was the original person to contact lead prosecutor Todd Kaminsky, with information on the conspiracy.

Abdullah allegedly faxed a letter to prosecutors from a Kinko’s on April 25th, where he told agents about of a shipment that was being sent to a recording studio in New York, in a “road case” for music equipment.

When agents seized the road case they found $790,000 in $20 bills, which helped lead Kaminsky to indict the investigation’s main target, James Rosemond.

Abdullah, who is facing at least 10 years in prison for his role in distributing the cocaine, is seeking to receive a lesser sentence by testifying.

James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was apprehended by authorities in New York on June 20th, after being on the run for nearly 2 weeks.

The following day, he appeared in Brooklyn federal court, where he pleaded not guilty to intentionally conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice.

Police are also investigating Rosemond involvement in a murder for hire plot that resulted in the death of an associate of 50 Cent named Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, who was killed last year, for allegedly smacking Rosemond’s son during a dispute in March of 2007.

Common Leaves Universal Records After 10 Years, For Warner Bros.


Chicago rapper Common has inked a new deal with Warner Brothers Records according to reports.

Common and Warner Bros. co-president/CEO Todd Moscowitz made the announcement yesterday (June 24th), during an outdoor concert in New York.

According to Billboard.com, Common addressed the crowd in the Warner Bros. records courtyard, where he expressed gratitude for the new deal.

“I’m very grateful to be a part of this family, to be a part of this team,” Common told the crowd, which gathered to watch the free outdoor concert.

“We have very inspirational, exciting music to team up with you. We’re just open to what this change can bring,” Common said.

Common began his recording career on Relativity Records, which was eventually acquired by Sony Music Entertainment.

The rapper/actor released three albums with Relativity, including 1992′s Can I Borrow a Dollar?, 1994′s Resurrection and 1997′s One Day It’ll All Make Sense.

Common’s stint with Universal began in 2000, when he signed with MCA Records and released his first album for the label, Like Water for Chocolate.

Common, had been signed to Universal Music for the past 10 years.

His last album was 2008′s Universal Mind Control.

Rapper Missy Elliott Has Thyroid Disease


Rap star Missy Elliott says she has Graves disease, a thyroid problem that caused her hair to fall out and shut down her nervous system. But the condition is rarely life-threatening, and the 39-year-old Grammy winner is exercising regularly under medical supervision.

“My nervous system shut down, you know,” Elliott said in an episode of the show “Behind the Music”, which will air on June 29 on VH1. “Your skin is dry, your hair falls out, you wake up, and your eyes feel like they’ve got rocks in them.”

Elliott, who is known for the hit songs “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It”, was diagnosed with Graves disease in 2008 but kept her condition private, her publicist Anne Kristoff revealed. “Elliot pretty much exercises every day, so she’s committed to her health,” she added.

Graves disease cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be mitigated with treatment, according to the medical organisation, Mayo Clinic. Patients with Graves disease have a thyroid gland that overproduces the hormone thyroxine, which increases the body’s metabolic rate and can affect a person’s appearance and energy levels.

Elliott gained fame in the mid-90’s and has won four Grammys since then. However, she has not released a new album since The Cookbook, which came out in 2005. Currently she is working on an album tentatively titled Block Party, with producer and rapper Timbaland.



Today is a very special day for HTC, as they are releasing the HTC EVO 3D. The company could not have launched the device on a better day than today, as it is the last weekend of the month and people will be spending the money that has been put into their accounts by their employers.

The EVO 3D handset will cost you $199.99 w/ a 2 year contract, or $549.99 w/o a contract. We have been informed that Sprint stores will open at 8 a.m. local time, so if you are in an EST time zone, then chances are you are already at a store near you.

Well that’s all we have to offer you, but we would like to know if you bought one of these devices today?

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The EVO 3D

The 3-D technology is the most boasted-about feature on HTC’s new EVO 3D smartphone, which went on sale Friday. You can watch 3-D movies and play 3-D games without putting on annoying glasses. You can shoot 3-D photos and videos, too.

The inclusion of 3-D is gimmicky and might make you feel nauseous, but it is creative at times and the EVO 3D is a fine smartphone overall. The phone costs $200 with a two-year service plan with Sprint Nextel Corp.

I wear glasses, so I was excited that I didn’t need to put on another pair to try out the EVO 3D. The phone creates the appearance of depth using a technique called auto stereoscopy. The screen has a layer that guides light so that the light from one pixel goes to the left eye and from the next to the right.

I got right to work watching a 3-D version of “The Green Hornet,” which came with the phone. I was wowed by a fight scene where glass seemed to be flying out of the screen. A friend I handed the phone to even flinched when the shards blew past.

I also checked out some animated 3-D clips on YouTube. The scenes that looked best were, not surprisingly, those with people and objects in the foreground and background and with things moving right toward the camera.

Whether I was watching 3-D or 2-D videos, the phone’s 4.3-inch touch screen was crisp and colors looked vivid.

That said, my brain wasn’t thrilled about processing the 3-D images, so I couldn’t stare at the display for long without feeling queasy.

It was also evident that I wouldn’t really be able to share the dizzying experience with friends unless I handed them the phone. You need to tilt the EVO 3D in your hands until you find the viewing angle that is optimal for your eyes. That may not be an optimal angle for the person next to or behind you.

You can, however, involve buddies by letting them star in a 3-D movie or in photos that you shoot with the EVO 3D. The phone takes pictures or videos by recording overlapping images when its two 5-megapixel cameras are side by side. The camera lenses are positioned next to each other only when the phone is on its side, so you can only capture things in 3-D in “landscape” mode.

I couldn’t manage to take any great shots, however. The images always seemed fuzzily misaligned, even with the inclusion of a feature for adjusting the alignment of the images.

I was more successful with the 3-D video camera, though I couldn’t test whether objects really fly off the screen because my colleagues wouldn’t hold the camera for me so I could throw things at them (even when I promised to lob only wads of paper at the lens).

I could see how the 3-D mode might come in handy for recording sporting events, especially if you’re crazy enough to jump into the fray and fast enough to stay ahead of the action.

If you’re not into flowers or people popping out of the screen, you can switch to 2-D mode by pressing a button on the side of the phone.

I also liked that the phone had a button dedicated to the camera, which I always find easier to take photos and videos with than a virtual touch-screen button.

The phone has a front-facing camera, too, for taking self-portraits or video chatting.

Not wanting to lose my lunch all over the phone, I took a break from the 3-D features and checked out the rest of the phone.

The mostly black EVO 3D runs on Gingerbread, which is the latest version of Google’s Android meant for smartphones. As I’ve seen on other Gingerbread-running phones, the software is easy to use and speedy.

The phone uses HTC’s Sense software as well, the best part of which is a customizable smarty-pants screen that is visible when the phone is locked. You can set it to show stock quotes, weather, social network updates or other content without unlocking the device.

The phone swiftly opened applications and Web pages and streamed content with ease over Sprint’s next-generation, high-speed 4G network.

It was also easy to type on, as it includes the uber-useful Swype keyboard software, which lets you slide your fingers on the virtual keyboard to type. I also liked the inclusion of an FM radio, as it offers a way to listen to tunes without requiring Internet access or the storage of songs on the phone itself.

Aside from the stomach-churning aspect of the 3-D feature, I had only a few complaints:
— I still make plenty of calls on cellphones, so I was disappointed that the EVO 3D’s sound quality wasn’t very good, with voices sounding muffled.
— The phone’s battery life wasn’t fabulous. In a day of heavy usage, which included making phone calls, recording and watching 3-D videos and surfing the Web, I got 5.5 hours before needing a recharge.
— I missed having a built-in kickstand, a feature available on the EVO 3D’s predecessor, the EVO 4G.

Nonetheless, the EVO 3D has strong software and plenty of other useful features. Although 3-D is touted as this smartphone’s coolest feature, it’s merely a silly extra that’s occasionally useful than a necessity. And beyond that, the phone has a lot more to offer that won’t make you feel queasy.

Wiz Khalifa “Rolling Papers” Tour Dates


Rostrum/Atlantic Records recording artist Wiz Khalifa is proud to announce that his debut album, Rolling Papers, has been officially RIAA-certified gold.

What’s more, the rapper’s second official single, Roll Up, is now certified platinum after receiving gold certification only a couple of weeks prior. These two new accolades join the already 3x platinum single, Black And Yellow.

Known for his great presence on the road, Wiz recently kicked off his Rolling Papers Tour with a much-buzzed-about set at last week’s Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN.

The nationwide tour will see the Pittsburgh MC performing at venues nationwide, concluding with a recently added homecoming show at Pittsburgh’s Trib Total Media Amphitheatre on August 6th.

“Rolling Papers” Tour Dates:

22 – San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic Center
23 – Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Bowl
25 – Anaheim, CA – The Honda Center
27 – Las Vegas, NV – The Joint
28 – Mesa, AZ – Mesa Amphitheater
29 – Tucson, AZ – Ava Amphitheater
30 – Albuquerque, NM – Convention Center

2 – Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie
3 – Cedar Park, TX – Cedar Park Center
5 – Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Summerfest
6 – Houston, TX – Reliant Arena
7 – New Orleans, LA – Kiefer Uno Lakefront Arena
8 – Nashville, TN – Municipal Auditorium
9 – Mariasville, NY – Camp Bisco Festival
10 – Cleveland, OH – Time Warner Cable Amphitheater
12 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade Music Park
15 – Boca Raton, FL – Sunset Cove
16 – Orlando, FL – Firestone Lot
17 – St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine Amphitheater
18 – Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues
20 – Charlotte, NC – Uptown Amphitheater
21 – Greensboro, NC – White Oak Amphitheater
22 – Portsmouth, VA – Ntelos Wireless Pavilion
23 – Charlottesville, VA – Charlottesville Pavilion
24 – Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion
25 – New York, NY – Central Park SummerStage
27 – Gilford, NH – Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion
28 – Portland, ME – Maine State Pier
29 – West Long Branch, NJ – Mac at Mamouth Universal
30 – Boston, MA – Bank of America Pavilion
31 – Burlington, VT – Midway Lawn at Champlain Valley Expo

2 – Indianapolis, IN – Lawn at White River State Park
3 – Rochester, NY – Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center
4 – Lewiston, NY – Earl W. Brydges Artpark
5 – Pontiac, MI – Phoenix Amphitheater
6 – Pittsburgh, PA – Trib Total Media Amphitheatre

Jimmy Henchman Arrested


The manhunt for James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has come to an end yesterday (June 21). Rosemond has been on the run since warrants were issued for his arrest on May 17.

Officers spotted Rosemond outside the W Hotel in Union Square. He tried to evade DEA agents and US Marshals by taking off on foot, but was apprehended and arrested on 21st Street and Park Avenue South.

Shortly after his arrest he was arraigned in Brooklyn on conspiracy to distribute in excess of five kilograms of cocaine.

Rosemond’s lawyer, Jeffery Lichtman, has been preparing for the impending case and feels that he is ready to fight the charges in court.

“These charges obviously aren’t surprising, we’ve been anticipating them for years now,” Lichtman told MTV News on Tuesday (June 21). “But they’re built on the backs of people that have lied and cheated, have been threatened, have been bribed by the government,” he added. “Anything to get Jimmy Rosemond, but all of this is going to be exposed. We’ve been waiting a long time for our day in court we finally have it.”

The feds have been building a case on Rosemond for the past year and have got some help from his associates. Dexter Isaac, who has been cooperating with the government in its case against Henchman, claims that he was paid $2,500 by Rosemond to rob Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in November 1994.

“When you got witnesses like that against you, it can make anybody paranoid and believe that they won’t be getting a fair trial,” Lichtman said about his client. “When the case starts, we’ll be ready to go.”


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