Watch Tyga’s Mom Read The Lyrics To ‘Rack City’


If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite rap song would sound like if it was read by their mothers, wonder no more.

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Kim Kardashian Shares Details About Kanye’s Wedding Speech


It was reported that Kanye West went on a huge rant at his wedding basically talking about himself for 20 minutes.

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Akon Says Jay Z And Beyonce’s Divorce Rumors Will Create Great Music


The divorce rumors surrounding Jay Z and Beyonce have been coming in at a rampant pace, but the two have not spoken out publicly about it.

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Jay Z And Beyonce’s On The Run Tour Makes $100 Million In Ticket Sales


Despite rumors of divorce and poor ticket sales plus someone losing a chunk of their finger at a tour stop, Jay Z and Beyonce’s massive On The Run tour can only be considered a success.

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Jeezy Blames Freddie Gibbs For Messing Up His Relationship With Eminem


After being touted as the next deadly combination to takeover the rap game, it appears the relationship between Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs is completely strained.

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Lil Durk Sentenced To Probation By Pleading Guilty To Gun Charges


Lil Durk dodged prison today when he pled guilty to gun charges. Instead of serving one year behind bars, the rapper was sentenced to probation plus an additional 50 hours of volunteer work by Judge Joseph Kazmierski who asked him to be “part of the cure of what’s going on” with Chicago’s violence.

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