Too Short Gets 2 Bitches With Microsoft Exec [VIDEO]


By day, he’s a geeky Microsoft honcho, but by night, Michael Angiulo got on stage with Too Short and rapped about fucking 2 bitches at the same time … and TMZ has the video. Mike’s wife threw a bash for his 40th birthday at a Seattle bar, and hired Mike’s hero, Too Short, to perform for the reasonable price of $25k.

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Have We Outgrown Hip-Hop?


When hip-hop legend Knowledge B. Born headed to the stage to finally receive his Hip-Hop Lifetime Achievement Award, he clutched in his right hand a speech written in graffiti that he had wanted to deliver for years. He planned to put the entire audience of rap superstars on blast for destroying the culture he helped create. But, when he looked into the faces of a room full of rich kids half his age, who were either half asleep or busy textin’, he just crumbled up his notes, said “Ya’ll keep doin’ your thing,” and left the stage. Leaving the crowd whispering amongst themselves, “Who was that old dude…”

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DJ Drama – Quality Street Music


For the most part, “Quality Street Music” lives up to its name, with DJ Drama furthering his prominence as a tastemaker in Hip Hop. DJ Drama has been a relentless force in the mixtape scene for nearly a decade now, with his success in executing full-lengths landing somewhere around commendable. It’s clear that he realizes there’s a stark contrast between delivering a front-to-back solid project and feeding listeners’ mixtape after mixtape for sheer relevancy, and that role plays out appropriately on Quality Street Music.

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UPDATE: Nelly Tour Bus Busted For Drugs


St. Lunatics rapper Ali comes to Nelly’s rescue by posting a conversation that the two shared about a recent traffic stop in Texas that could’ve cost Nelly big money and even bigger problems.Ecstasy, heroin, weed and weapons were found in Nelly’s tour bus. Ali who happens to be one of Nelly’s best friends took it upon himself to prove the Apple Bottom’s creator had nothing to do with the drugs being brought onto his tour bus. Nelly was detained in Texas and one of his roadies was booked for bringing a large amount of heroin, weed and a loaded weapon on Nelly’s tour bus.

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Snoop Dogg Is The Face of Hot Pockets


Snoop has added another brand to the list of products he has advertised. This time, Tha Doggfather is appearing in a Hot Pockets advertisement. The West Coast rap legend will be parodying his own song, Drop It Like It’s Hot, for the commercial.
Snoop Dogg has already lent his face for such diverse advertising projects as Monster Energy Drinks, Colt 45 Blast, and Adidas. Now, according to a report from ABC Radio Online, the rapper will be the spokesman for Hot Pockets.

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RAPPER NAS Georgia Pad Foreclosed & Sold At Auction

Nas - Foul Breeze Lyrics

Life’s a bitch … Nas sang it and now he’s living it … because besides being knee deep in tax debt, Gutta World has learned the rapper just lost his Georgia crib to foreclosure.According to official records, Nas purchased the 2-bedroom, 3-bath pad back in 2004 for $585,000 … but according to SunTrust bank (which issued him the loan) … Nas couldn’t foot the bill and defaulted on the payments, still owing $507,000

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