Kim and Kanye inspired new york time’s lebron james cover


Instead of providing a huge vibrant LeBron James photo to cover their paper, they modeled their coverage a la the New York Post, when they wrote a meager 55 word piece regarding Kimye’s wedding.

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Warrant out for chief keef


An arrest warrant was issued for Chief Keef in reference for his $10K in child support.

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Adrian Younge Restores the soulful feel of hip-hop


Adrian Younge wants to restore Hip-Hop to the soulful feel that it had before.

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Frank Ocean Leaves odd future for good


Frank Ocean leaves Odd Future for good this time.

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Ludacris goes into real estate


Ludacris has decided to go into real estate, flipping houses etc.

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Jay Z won’t talk about “big pimpin” copyright lawsuit


Jay Z is not willing to even acknowledge a lawsuit that was put on him back in 2011 for illegally sampling a song.

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