Kim And Kanye Bought A Baby Double


Kim and Kanye were willing to spend $500,000 on a baby double and look a like for the nanny as well.

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T.I Responds To Floyd Mayweather


T.I. gave his response to Floyd Mayweather about the claim he made about sleeping with Tiny, T.I’s wife.

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DMX Has Eaten Dog Food Before


DMX reveals that he has eaten dog food, which he definitely isn’t embarrassed about.

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Meek Mill Is Trying to Get Out Early


Meek Mill was denied an emergency hearing that he hoped would help him get out of jail three months from now or earlier.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr Said He Slept With T.I.’s Wife


Floyd Mayweather Jr Claims He Slept With T.I.’s Wife Tiny

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Weezy and Milian “Hooking Up”


After going back in forth in recent news, the rumor is finally told true, Weezy and Milian are “hooking up.”

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