Weezy and Milian “Hooking Up”


After going back in forth in recent news, the rumor is finally told true, Weezy and Milian are “hooking up.”

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Beyonce’s Clothes Are Getting Their Own Museum Exhibit


Beyonce is so huge that she is getting her own museum exhibit in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

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Under The Influence Tour “Training Camp” Video


Kicking off the Under The Influence tour with a video called “Training Camp” check it out.

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Omarion Held On $20,000 Bail


Omarion, former singer of B2K, was arrested last friday and taken to jail for not showing up to court for a traffic ticket, he is now facing a $20,000 bail.

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Wu-Tang Affiliate To Serve Up To 14 Years Behind Bars


Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Shyheim Franklin will most likely be serving up to 14 years behind bars for coming clean to earlier cases.

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Is Murda Mook Up To A Battle With Eminem?


Murda Mook said that he wants to battle Eminem, think he can really beat a “rap god?”

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