Top 5 Lyrics Of The week — BET Awards Cypher Edition


Easily the most exciting hip-hop moments of the week took place, for once, on television. The BET Awards featured five incredible cyphers, with some of our favorite — and least favorite — rappers appearing (we’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to guess who is who). Every gathering had plenty of highlights, and we couldn’t include them all. Below are five of the top moments from all of the rhyming.

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Nelly Busted For Drugs


Rapper Nelly was detained near the Mexico border after cops uncovered a loaded gun and drugs stash on his tour bus. US checkpoint officers found dozens of sachets of heroin and a duffel bag containing over 4.5kg of cannabis during a routine stop on Wednesday evening in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Shockingly, a loaded .45 caliber pistol was also discovered amongst the drugs. But police eventually released the Grammy-winning rapper and arrested one of his seven-strong entourage, who took responsibility for the items.

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Rihanna Goes Topless and Reveals New Album Title

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Rihanna has confirmed the title of her new album and appears topless on the cover. The Barbados-born singer took to Twitter earlier today to tell fans she would be making an announcement about her upcoming seventh record. This afternoon she confirmed it is called Unapologetic and tweeted the cover.

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Jay-Z and Will Smith Walk Out On Meek Mill’s Album Party


Meek Mill may be a star — but the tardy “Tupac Back” rapper still needs to show some respect to those richer and more famous. The rapper held a top-secret listening party for his debut solo album, “Dreams and Nightmares,” in a legendary venue Wednesday night, but by the time he arrived, the guests with the most wattage — Jay-Z and Will Smith — were history.

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Why Did Nicki Minaj Really Join American Idol?


Ideally, Sunday’s news that Nicki Minaj will join a new group of new judges for this season’s American Idol — along with Mariah Carey and country singer Keith Urban — might be the start of an improvement in the rocky relationship between hip-hop and reality television. Save reality satires like those produced by Ego Trip (The White Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme), hip-hop fans have endured a specific kind of exploitative, buffonish trash.

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Wyclef Jean admits explosive affair with Lauryn Hill


Wyclef Jean did so break up the Fugees. He won’t quite cop to it in conversation, or in his new memoir, “Purpose,” but with Anthony Bozza, he writes of an explosive affair with Lauryn Hill so combustible that it’s no surprise it burnt down the house.
“It was like we were two outlaws in love.

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