12 Year Old Steals Show From Jay-Z [Video]

jay-z concert

Jay Z did NOT pull a fast one on his audience in Greensboro, N.C., Sunday night … when he brought a 12-year-old boy up on stage who stole the show — it was all spontaneous. We spoke with Angela, who took her 12-year-old son Justin to the concert in Charlotte Saturday. She says Justin’s dream was to “get noticed” by Hova and he was crushed when he was overlooked as he sat in the 8th row. Angela says on the ride home they decided to give it one more try, and she bought tickets to the Greensboro concert the next day. She says she was lucky and scored front row seats.

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GUTTA HISTORY: Oprah Winfrey Slams Ludacris During His Appearance On Her Show


During an October 5, 2005 airing of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ludacris joined the rest of his cast-mates of the Oscar-winning film Crash to discuss the film and how racism is something in which the whole world participates in and perpetuates. Oprah Winfrey who has famously been highly-critical of hip-hop music and rappers over the years took the opportunity to chastise the rapper for using the “n-word” in his music and that the television mogul did not agree with the content of Luda’s music.

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How to Promote Your Beats for Free


It’s Friday night and many Berliners are spending their hard earned money on attending Berghain’s dubstep nights. As the DJ plays his dub gems, one can’t help but wonder where did he get these tunes from? Music enthusiasts and musicians will take painstaking efforts just to find music worthy of their playlists. Although it’s relatively easy to be knowledgeable about any kind of music nowadays (thanks to sites like Gutta World and The Source), it’s only a matter of finding out where to get new music. But the most unlikely places are treasure troves of information and the best place to discover some of the freshest hip-hop can be from online poker rooms.

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Nicki Minaj Slips Her Way Out of A Ticket


Nicki Minaj appears to have gotten a big pass by a starstruck cop who was on the verge of writing the singer a ticket … until the officer realized who she was about to bust. Nicki tweeted a pic of a note she says she wrote to the cop’s daughter, in which she wrote, “My beautiful barb Ayana! You and your mom are amazing! Love always, Nicki.”

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Suge Knight Busted Again


Suge Knight was arrested early Wednesday morning just outside the Bev Hills border. LAPD cops noticed Suge straddling 2 lanes at around 12:30 as he tooled along in his truck … which had no license plates. The Death Row Records founder was pulled over and police quickly determined he was stone cold sober … which was good.

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Kayne West Leaves Ray J Extra Crispy [VIDEO]


Kanye West needs to send Ray J some aloe vera … ’cause dude burned Kim Kardashian’s ex with a hardcore diss verse on late night TV. Only problem is Yeezus might have just played into Ray’s master plan.

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