YouTube Signs Licensing Deal With Independent Record Companies


According to reports from Rolling Stone and Billboard, YouTube will launch it’s song-streaming service, Music Key, on Monday in a beta-test mode for “a limited group of people who play the most music on YouTube.” The ad-free service will go public in 2015 at $10 per month and will focus on mobile devices and allow users to play music while also using other apps. Music Key will also save videos for offline use.

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Eminem’s Cursing During His The Concert For Valor Performance Got A Lot Of People Mad


After a hiatus, Eminem is back at the center of the hip-hop universe this week thanks to some controversy. First, Em drew heat from critics for threatening to punch Lana Del Rey in the face during his freestyle for the “Shady CXVPHER.”

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A Woman Gets Brain Surgery To Stop Her Seizures Caused By Ne-Yo’s Music


This is incredibly sad and weird all at the same time. According to the Daily Mail, a woman removed a part of her brain in order to cure her seizures caused by Ne-Yo’s music.

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A College Professor Wrote A Book About Lil Wayne Being A Genius


Someone really loves Lil Wayne. A college professor from the University of Virginia wrote a book aptly titled, The Literary Genius of Lil Wayne: The case for Lil Wayne to be counted among Shakespeare and Dylan.

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Jay Z’s Made In America Festival Cost Los Angeles Residents About $170K

2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival - Day 2 - Los Angeles

While the expansion of Jay Z’s Made In America festival from Philadelphia to Los Angeles may have pleased thousands of fans on the West Coast, the news on how much it’s costing them might turn those smiles upside down.

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Chief Keef Dropped

Gutta World - Rap News - Chief Keef

Earlier this year, matters began to sour with Chief Keef, his camp and the bosses at Interscope. Our source maintains Interscope began to “subtly disassociate” itself from the 19-year-old rapper after he had a series of legal cases sprout up in 2013 and 2014, ranging from lawsuits to drug offenses.

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